Universal Robots Unveils New Cobot That Lets Machines Do All the Heavy Lifting

The following article originally appeared on Engineering.com: https://bit.ly/3outd7M by Jacob Bourne Since its founding in 2005, Denmark-based Universal Robots has consistently added to its growing arsenal of collaborative robots, or cobots, starting in 2008 with its UR5 bot. Now with the UR20’s launch, the company hopes it will continue to advance automation in the global …

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Japan Ranks as World’s Top Robot Manufacturer 

Robot Manufacturer

According to a new report from the International Federation of Robotics, Japan is the world´s number one industrial robot manufacturer, delivering 45% of the global supply. The country’s robot producers have increased significantly, with their export ratio rising to 78% in 2020 when 136,069 industrial robots were shipped.  36% of the Japanese exports of robotics …

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Amazon Opens New Advanced Robotic Manufacturing Facility 

Amazon has relied heavily on robots in all of its operations and is now getting ready to expand its operations even further with a new robotics facility.  The new center, located in Westborough, Massachusetts, expands Amazon Robotics’ manufacturing capability in the United States and their overall growth in the region. The company has created more …

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Automation and the Modern Manufacturing Enterprise.

Baxter Robot

Automation and advanced robotics have done so much for the modern manufacturing industry. These robotic systems offer small manufacturers the opportunity to improve their business and greatly expand their capabilities. At one time, only the largest manufacturing operations were able to afford industrial robotic arms to automate sections on their production line. However, as these …

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Industrial Robotics and Automation: The Modern Manufacturer

Robot Sales

Robotics and manufacturing go hand in hand. Offering a way to free up the workforce to work on tasks that require complex thinking, they have incredible potential and manufacturers can see that fact. Manufacturers are utilizing these advanced systems more than ever before and it’s had a monumental impact on the industry as a whole. …

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