Willie invites you to join him on his journey with Heartland RV.

Whether you are new to traveling the world one mile at a time, or you have raised a family with thousands of memories made at a campsite…this podcast is all about the people, journeys and stories that are shared.


Sn. 2, #2 Adventure, Family, and the Open Road – Meet the Flying Hens

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When the travel bug bit Chris and Molly, it bit hard! The COVID-19 pandemic led to a huge decline in income for them, but instead of giving up traveling with their family, which has always been a big part of their life, they decided to give up their house instead. For the past four months, Chris, Molly and their three children have been living in a 400 square foot RV, and they are loving it. Of course, there are challenges, which Molly and Chris share with us on today’s show, but as you will also hear today, the positive aspects of their experience far outweigh the negatives. They have no interest in returning to their old life and have made some exciting travel plans for the next few months. For any listeners who have a desire to shed excess material things and focus on family and adventure, Chris and Molly offer advice to get you started on your journey (more of which can be found on their blog, The Flying Hens. Whether or not the RV lifestyle is for you, we can guarantee that you’ll learn something from this episode!


William Miller

Recreational vehicles allow people the ability to travel the world, mile by mile while providing safe shelter and comfortable living quarters when destinations are reached. With so many manufacturers to choose from, William Miller is setting out to make Heartland RV’s be the choice that families go to in launching life’s journeys.

Willie invites you to join him on his journey with Heartland RV. Whether you are new to traveling the world one mile at a time, or you have raised a family with thousands of memories made at a campsite…this podcast is all about the people, journeys, and stories that are shared.

You will hear from the following guests on the Where’s Willie? Show:

  • Celebrities that have unique stories to share on their own life journeys
  • Entreprenuer/C-Suite executives sharing their company innovations that you could see on your next journey
  • Current RV owners that can share advice, insight, and questions to help make your experience memorable
  • Vacation destination hosts, resorts, dining, and more…. inviting you to visit on your life’s journeys.

“My goal of hosting this show is to share amazing stories of real people and real-life as they are traveling on their own life’s journeys. Every person has a story to share, from both professional experiences and personal.” —William Miller, Host of Where’s Willie?

In 2020, Willie became the National Brand Manager for Heartland RV and also became an Executive Leader with the prestigious C-Suite Network & C-Suite Radio Podcast host.

  • Heartland RVs is an American manufacturer of recreational vehicles located in Elkhart, Indiana. Founded by former Damon Corp. CEO Brian Brady in 2003, it was purchased and became a subsidiary of Thor Industries in 2010. Heartland owns Cruiser RV and DRV Luxury Suites.
  • C-Suite Network™ is the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite Leaders, with a focus on providing growth, development and networking opportunities for business executives with titles of Vice President and above from companies with annual revenues of $5 million or greater.
  • C-Suite Radio is home to the fastest-growing business podcast network. Hosted by C-Suite leaders, thought leaders, and innovators, our shows take listeners on a thought-provoking journey to explore the challenges, successes, and failures of highly influential business people.

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Chris and Molly Henard

Hi! We are The Flying Hens. Let us share with you our journey of how we’ve traded our WINGS for WHEELS!

Mr. Hen has been a pilot for the last fourteen years. We have a passion for travel and using those flight benefits to show our kids the world! We’ve been able to take incredible trips with our kids and make the best memories along the way.

The airline industry has been absolutely decimated by Covid, making the future uncertain for Mr. Hen’s job. We know for certain that he will either be furloughed or take a big pay-cut, both of which means we needed to downsize our current house. Since we don’t know where Mr. Hen will be based in the future, whenever he has a job, we also needed flexibility with our living situation.

So, we decided to start A NEW JOURNEY.

We’ve sold everything we own and will be traveling the country in our Heartland Cyclone 4007 for the next few years! We invite you to be part of our journey- come along and follow our adventures, RV life and renovations, how we homeschool on the road, and all the things we learn as newbie RVers.

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