10 Top Manufacturing Stories from 2016

The New Year is upon us and it’s time to take a look back at some of the most read articles of 2016. These trends have transformed the way manufacturers do business and will be important to fully understand as the industry moves forward into 2017. Last year was interesting to say the least. Filled with new technologies and new regulations, manufacturers must be prepared to do business as the business landscape shifts.

Below, are 10 of the most popular articles from this past year.

The manufacturing industry has continued to push through the fourth industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0. Manufacturers are realizing that these new technology trends have become less of an addition and more of a necessity for their business.

5 Emerging Technology Trends for Manufacturers in 2017

Digital systems, collaborative robotics and science-fiction sounding technology has become the standard conversion for those in the industry. Some of the technologies that will be discussed have already had an impact throughout 2016 but as we enter a new year, even more manufacturers will start getting on board as they become more advanced. [Read More


Microwave Fracking: Environmentally Friendly And Extremely Efficient

Fracking has faced serious opposition from environmental groups throughout the United States and the communities that surround these industrial operations. The main issue surrounding fracking is the disposal of wastewater that some fear could contaminate groundwater in these communities where fracking operations are located. [Read More]

7 Metals Compatible With Additive Manufacturing

With the increasing use of additive manufacturing across the industry, many business owners are still unaware of the potential this new technology can offer. 3D printing opens a ton of new options and has been evolving to use metals that previously took a lot of time and energy to produce and shape. Knowing what materials these printers can use is the first step to utilize this technology to benefit any modern manufacturers business. Take a look at our list of the 7 most commonly used metals in additive manufacturing. [Read More]


Metallic Glass Breakthrough Opens New Doors For Advanced Robotics

Modern robotic systems have a limit to their precision and mobility which stems from their gears. If a gear fails it can be the difference between a working robot and a hunk of metal with some fancy computers inside. NASA is taking on the challenge of creating a new class of gears that can help their rovers push on through the harsh conditions found on other planetary bodies and it has peaked the interests of manufacturers. [Read More]

The Smart Helmet: Opening Up New Doors For Manufacturers

The manufacturing environment continues to advance while factories and industrial sites of any kind continue to make use of new technologies. Noise, heat, chemicals and other people all play a factor in contributing to the safety of an industrial setting. Now there could be a technology that dramatically increases the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the modern manufacturer, the Smart Helmet. [Read More]


4 Ways 3D Printing Can Improve Your Manufacturing Operation

It has become almost impossible to avoid the topic of 3D Printing, otherwise known as Additive Manufacturing, when speaking about new manufacturing technology. This is for good reason, as it has applications that are highly sought after in nearly every industrial sector. The technology has moved far beyond rapid prototyping and has become mature enough to even produce end-use critical components. [Read More]


Nikola One Officially Unveiled

Nikola Motor Company, the innovative Tractor Trailer startup has debuted their electric powered semi-truck to the world. The event took place in Salt Lake City and the announcements made were exciting to say the least . The entire supply chain stands to gain from this new technology and manufacturers shipping their good across the country may see some financial benefits from a more efficient tractor trailer. [Read More]


STEM Gift Ideas for the Engineer or Manufacturer in Your Life

The holidays are right around the corner and finding the perfect gift for the engineer or future engineer in your life is not always easy. With manufacturing becoming a more popular career path for today’s youth their are plenty of gift options for kids who may be interested in the industry. Or maybe you’re looking for a present that an established engineer would love. That has never been easier than with the copious amount of technology that exists today. We have compiled a list of some of the best gift ideas this holiday season. [Read More]


New Titanium Alloy: Stronger and More Affordable to Produce

When a manufacturer thinks of the perfect material, strong, light and flexible are the three main adjectives that may come to mind. This is because these properties allow the material to be used in a variety of applications while able to withstand tremendous stresses. Now, new research has led to the development of a new titanium alloy that has been called the strongest of any commercial titanium alloy currently on the market. This new alloy could have a profound impact on automobile, aerospace manufacturing and more. [Read More]


Paradise Improved: Hawaii Implements Ambitious Renewable Energy Mandate

Hawaii has a unique obstacle to hurdle which nearly every other state in America will never have to deal with, importing large amounts of oil to their isolated island. Importing the oil isn’t the only challenge, according the the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Hawaii is the most petroleum-dependent state in the nation. This all culminates to a monumental challenge for shippers and the state as a whole. Hawaiian residents are spending nearly $5 billion a year on the import and on average, energy costs are the highest in the nation. [Read More]


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