2018 Manufacturers' Summit: Manufacturing Collaboration

As the manufacturing industry continues forward through its digital transformation, collaboration is absolutely essential in order to maintain this modern level of excellence. The 2018 Manufacturers’ Summit is another one of those important industry events that offer a place for manufacturers to come together and share ideas about its future. It is geared toward HR staff, floor supervisors and executives to discuss ways of improving every aspect of manufacturing.

Being held in the Ontario Convention Center, the Summit will take place on February 15th from 7:00 am – 2:00 pm. The Summit is hosted by the Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE). Manufacturing leaders from all aspects of the industry will be discussing ways to bolster the workforce, modernize workplace culture, regulation and legislation compliance and so much more.

Titan Gilroy, owner of TITANS of CNC will be the featured speaker discussing what it takes to engage the new generation of machinists, investors and builders. TITANS of CNC is a revered aerospace machine shop in Rocklin, California. Founded in 2005, it built a reputation for excellence because of their quality and ingenuity of its products. Gilroy also created the TITANS of CNC Academy. “Titan has an inspirational story to tell,” Debbie Smith, Event Chair said. “He is working to promote manufacturing to young people as well as the ‘Made in America’ mantra,” (http://bit.ly/2EcHTzH). Gilroy speaks at schools to show students what a modern career in manufacturing really looks like and offer them the chance to learn these valuable skills. This is the kind of manufacturer that’s taking a proactive approach to close the skills gap and one that other business leaders can learn from.

Carolyn Lee, Executive Director of NAM’s Manufacturing Institute will also be speaking at the Summit. Discussing how to attract the next generation of students, she will be providing incredible insight into modern recruitment. Lee will be educating attendees about the incredible initiatives all throughout the U.S. that are helping manufacturers find and train employees. These kind of programs are essential for these businesses in order to bolster their thinning workforce.

Other speakers include Josh Davies, author of ‘Bring Your A Game to Work’ and will host ‘Less Talk, More Walk – Creating a Culture of Ethics and Accountability’. Dorothy Rothrock, President of California Manufacturing & Technology Association will be hosting a panel discussion on Regulations and Legislation. Each one of these speakers brings along invaluable knowledge about the modern manufacturing industry and what it will take to thrive in today’s business landscape.

The Breakout Sessions include; Exports, Resources for Everything You Need, Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing, A Free Market for Utilities. Each one of these breakout sessions will be focusing on the technologies and developments that have a direct impact on the global manufacturing industry. From trade to 3D printing, the world is changing and the manufacturing industry must follow suit. Collaborative events like MCIE’s 2018 Manufacturers Summit is a perfect way to learn about the transformation of the individuals leading the charge.

For a full look at the speakers and what else the 2018 Manufacturers’ Summit plans on offering attendees, the Flyer for the event offers a concise overview of the topics being discussed. Tickets are still available and for manufacturers looking to attend, they can reserve their spot on the MCIE’s official website.

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