The 2018 State of Manufacturing Tour Begins: NAM Helps Bridge the Skills Gap

Manufacturing and the modern world go hand in hand but the public has had a hard time accepting this fact. The industry took an impressive step toward the future and is now living comfortably in the 21st century.

With so many different career paths, the manufacturing industry must reach out to the public and explain how the industry has advanced. Once thought to be a dark, dirty and dangerous industry, manufacturing quickly embraced modern digital technologies to become a high-tech powerhouse. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has begun the 2018 State of Manufacturing Tour today, Monday, February 12th to help the industry accomplish this goal.

The 2018 State of Manufacturing Tour

The 2018 State of Manufacturing Tour will be traveling to eight states and visit manufacturing facilities and schools along the way. 95% of the businesses that took part in NAM’s latest Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey expressed a positive outlook for their businesses so it’ll be important they have the workforce to continue moving the industry forward. NAM wants to share just how far the industry has come and put to rest any outdated stigmas individuals may still have about manufacturing careers.

“Across America, the nature of work is changing, and the types of jobs we’re creating are shifting. Innovation is transforming the way manufacturers operate, and there is an urgent need for talented and skilled men and women on our shop floors and in our facilities working as coders, technicians, craftspeople, designers, marketers and so much more. Our focus on this tour is telling the story of modern manufacturing and the incredible opportunities we have for well-paying, rewarding careers-whether it’s a first career or a new career,” said Jay Timmons, CEO and President of NAM.

NAM has been hosting the State of Manufacturing Tour for the past four years. Focused on getting the nation’s attention and sharing what the modern manufacturing industry has become plays an important role in its future. The tour is meant to go beyond the policy discussions and political rhetoric in order to shine a light on the true state of the industry and the opportunity it has to offer. The skills gap continues to weigh heavy on the industry as students look elsewhere for work. However, the career options in manufacturing are plentiful and its dependence on technology created a modern atmosphere. The old days of the dirty and dangerous manufacturing industry are becoming a thing of the past.

The message NAM is working vigorously to get across to the public could have a profound impact on the future of the industry. Showing students the true face of modern manufacturing can reverse their preconceived impression of what it means to work in manufacturing. The information shared on the 2018 State of Manufacturing Tour is absolutely necessary and NAM is doing an incredible thing by helping spread the word.

Taking place in Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, New York, Kansas, California and Missouri, the event is making its way to some of the most influential manufacturing states. For a full look at the tour dates and locations, check NAM’s official press release.