3D Printing at Speeds Never Before Seen

Prodways, a French 3D printer manufacturer, has just shown off their most recent machine and the results were astounding. Showing off its capabilities with a 4.15 minute 3D print of a high resolution 8.5 cm tall Statue of Liberty, the printer is a contender for the fastest, continuous DLP 3D printer in the world.

This printer as of now does not have a name and Raphael Gorgé, CEO of the Group that owns and founded Prodways, explains this is just a proof of concept. For now, this was just to demonstrate that the company’s research has been turning out some impressive results. It also showed off that the company was open to new and innovative 3D printing techniques that have been taking the industry by storm.

“We do believe that, with sufficient research and investments in terms of materials and process optimization, there may be very important industrial applications for this technology in the future,” Raphael Gorgé said in a statement. bit.ly/26LayWc

We’ve seen impressive 3D print speeds before using a similar technique. US-based Carbon3D had a clip floating around the internet a few months ago. The company printed the Eiffel tower at astonishing speeds using a similar 3D printing technique as in the video above. France-based Prodways responded to Carbon3D by printing the iconic Statue of Liberty even faster. What is also important to note is that the Statue of Liberty is actually a more difficult print than the Eiffel tower. This is because even though they’re both hollow inside, the statue’s outer walls are filled in but the Eiffel tower has hollow spaces, which is easier on the printer.

In the video below you can watch Prodways incredible 3D printer in action. [Video sourced from bit.ly/26LayWc]

As mentioned above, this is just a proof of concept, and Raphael Gorgé explained that Prodways would not be immediately working on a commercially available system. However, this concept is a testament to how fast 3D printing technology is advancing. This system only works for resins at the moment, but with further development, other compatible materials and increased print sizes will be available in the very near future. The ability to turn accurate prints out in minutes, not hours, is something manufacturers have been excited about for a long time. Once materials like stainless steel and titanium become available for a 3D printer such as the one Prodways showcased, it could have a monumental impact on the manufacturing industry as a whole. With great accuracy, incredible speeds, and a variety of materials, future 3D printers that take after Prodways’ could revolutionize what it means to be a manufacturer.




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