5G, Wearable Among the Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2020

With each new year comes a new set of trends in the manufacturing industry. 2020 is no different, bringing a new set of tech-focused improvements to the table. These trends have the potential to really shape how the industry itself operates.

One of the most notable trends has been the rise of 5G and “smart” factories. Factories are becoming much more connected to technology than ever before. Things like automation and artificial intelligence are being used by manufacturers to refine their process and boost outputs to new levels.

These devices are also now able to connect with one another, and “learn” about the processes they do. In doing so, they can better ensure that the work they do is at its most optimal. Still, the networks which connect them must also be fast and efficient themselves.

This is why 5G is also becoming quite big in manufacturing. 5G networks offer high capacities, flexibility through being wireless, and very fast response time. As a result, apart from energy and utility industries, manufacturing has the most to really gain for the growth of 5G. 5G and “smart” factories also compliment another rising trend: wearable technology.

The features found in wearable devices can allow companies to monitor and improve workplace safety, efficiency, and overall productivity. Furthermore, employers can use devices like bi-metric scanners to track the health and well-being of employees. This can help both them and their employees better improve their work and keep an eye out for any would-be concerns.

Augmented and virtual reality is also a trend that is rising, but still in its early phases. The possibilities of AR and VR are very high. Each would allow companies to help make processes more efficient or improve designs in a 3D space. They can also be useful for training in a riskless environment. As technology becomes both more advanced and affordable, it’s expected to only be more common in manufacturing.