These Amazing Robots Revolutionize The Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Sector

Robotics continue to offer industrial sectors amazing capabilities and have the potential to dramatically increase efficiency. Invert Robotics, a New Zealand based robotics company, is ready to put one of their innovative robotics to use to help improve aviation safety while also creating a more efficient Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) sector. These remote-controlled robots could have a monumental impact on how aircraft maintenance is handled.

Their mobile climbing robots use a patented suction mechanism that allows the machines to crawl along an aircraft, able to adhere and traverse materials like aluminum, glass and carbon fiber. Invert Robotics is even claiming that their robots can work on wet surfaces and handle upside down inspection. Having the ability to work on wet surfaces allows inspection to take place either in a hanger or outside in a variety of weather conditions.

SR Technics, the first European company to use Invert Robotics technology is excited about the potential of this innovative technology. “SR Technics is constantly looking for ways to improve the services and reduce the costs to our customers in this highly competitive industry.” SR Technics CEO Jeremy Remacha stated. He continues to explain, “Time savings means our customers have their aircraft back in service sooner and for airlines that is a huge benefit. Being able to record the state of an aircraft proves the need for and quality of our word and allows more accurate scheduling of required maintenance. We are excited to be part of this innovation that we believe will have a significant effect in our industry.” (

Utilizing cameras that stream video in real-time to technicians safely on the ground, it won’t interrupt any conventional maintenance process a company may already have in place. However, rather than sending technicians up and around an aircraft, they can stay stationary and let the robots do the potentially dangerous work of traversing the aircraft. Invert Robotics outfitted their robot with incredibly high-quality cameras so they can zoom in and inspect even minute surface details.

Robotics and innovative technology continue to revolutionize nearly every aspect of life today. When it comes to manufacturing, maintenance and the industrial environment, these technologies are increasing efficiency and creating a safer working environment. With Invert Robotics planning to add ultra-sound and thermographic testing to allow for an even more thorough inspection process, the future looks even brighter for the MRO sector. Be sure to check back on again for the latest updates on the manufacturing industry and critical industrial sectors.