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Manufacturing Forecasting

After 20 years of development, Armada Corporate Intelligence has partnered with Morris, Nelson & Associates (MNA) to launch a continuous forecasting intelligence tool for durable manufacturing, the Strategic Intelligence System (or ASIS).

Using intelligence methodologies and predictive analytics, we have developed a system that understands cause/effect relationships in business, economics, and geopolitics and how they affect manufacturing demand. When an event happens, there is a ripple. How strong that ripple is, how far it spreads, what it affects, how many additional ripples it creates, etc., is critical to understand. We monitor a series of trigger events that affect manufacturing activity (to get well out in front of market shifts) and report it to you in our intelligence briefings. It gives you time to react.

The intelligence system forecasts growth rates across seven unique sectors of the manufacturing industry 18 months in advance. 

What is included with the ASIS membership?

The membership includes a full comprehensive report each month of forecasts for 8 industries in manufacturing and a supply chain outlook. Members will also receive periodic Falcon Reports; these are brief (1-2 page) written briefings covering breaking news or topics of interest throughout each month. They are published as events happen. Membership also includes PowerPoint files that members can use for their own presentations, forecast data in an Excel file, and access to member's only content on our website.

Most importantly, members are encouraged to interact directly with our principal analysts to ask questions and gain further insights on the information in the ASIS.

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