Automation and the Modern Manufacturing Enterprise.

Automation and advanced robotics have done so much for the modern manufacturing industry. These robotic systems offer small manufacturers the opportunity to improve their business and greatly expand their capabilities. At one time, only the largest manufacturing operations were able to afford industrial robotic arms to automate sections on their production line. However, as these robots become smaller, more affordable and capable, manufacturers of all sizes are jumping at the chance to own one of their own and it’s having a dramatic impact on the modern manufacturing industry.

When it comes to a small manufacturing operation, a versatile robot offers the most bang for their buck. Having a robot that can fill different job functions depending on the task on hand can offer countless benefits over a specialized, expensive and difficult to maintain automated system. Luckily for SME’s, there’s a new option when it comes to industrial robots. Collaborative robots are quickly becoming the technology of choice when it comes to job shops and smaller manufacturing organizations. With a relatively low price tag, the ability to reprogram the robot on the fly and able to work around humans safely, they fill the automation void that has held SME’s back in the past.

Thinking about purchasing a highly advanced and capable robot can be intimidating. SME’s might be struggling with the idea of not being able to properly program or maintain these complex systems. However, industrial robot manufacturers are working vigorously to offer the most streamlined and user friendly products with the modern manufacturer in mind. Baxter and it’s smaller counterpart, Sawyer developed by Rethink Robotics offer manufacturers the benefits of an industrial robot without the fear of not having the on-site capabilities to maintain an industrial automation system.

Here’s a short 1 minute video that shows just how simple it really is to program the latest in industrial robotic technology:

With an affordable price tag and offering incredible capabilities, industrial robots today are a wise choice for the modern SME. The workforce is dwindling and it’s critical manufacturers have people performing tasks that require cognitive ability. Industrial robots can fill a void and perform repetitive tasks which can free up humans to take on more complex tasks. Small manufacturers have so much to gain from the latest industrial robots, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the future to avoid being left behind.