Biden Highlights Need for Rebuilding U.S. Manufacturing During Pittsburg Visit

During his visit to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania last week, President Biden further honed his message that strengthening American manufacturing would be key for rebuilding the nation’s economy.

“From day one, every action I’ve taken to rebuild the economy has been guided by one principle: make it in America. Like we used to. No one knows that better than all the folks here in Pittsburgh,” said the President at Carnegie Mellon University. “You know that to build a truly strong economy, we need a future that’s made in America. That means using products, parts, materials, built right here in the United States of America. It means bringing manufacturing back, jobs back, building supply chains here at home, not outsourcing abroad, so we have better jobs and lower prices here.”

The President also highlighted the recent bipartisan infrastructure law, which received increased attention following the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge just hours before he arrived. “We’ve got to move. The next time, we don’t need headlines saying that someone was killed when the next bridge collapses.” The infrastructure bill will invest at least $1.6 billion in Pennsylvania’s bridges, including $327 million in fiscal year 2022 for bridge repairs in the state, Biden said.

Additionally, Biden mentioned Intel’s $20 billion investment to build chip factories in the U.S., along with General Motor’s announcement that the auto company will invest nearly $7 billion in electric vehicle manufacturing sites in Michigan. “It takes all of us working together, all of us working together, to get this done and that’s finally beginning to happen. When the federal government invests in innovation, it powers up the private sector to do what it does best, creating incredible new technologies, new industries, and most importantly new jobs,”

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