Boston Dynamics New Robot: How Manufacturers Can Benefit

Boston Dynamics is known for showing off some incredible technology. From bipedal robots to those resembling members of the animal kingdom, they’re always interesting to say the least. However, newly leaked footage from a presentation given by Boston Dynamics’ founder Marc Raibert, revealed a new robot concept and it’s called ‘Handle’.

This new robot is designed to handle heavy loads with its two arms as it travels on two wheels. Able to keep exceptional balance while performing agile and impressive movements, it could offer industrial manufacturers and warehouses a new option when it comes to material handling. The robot resembles a supercharged Segway, but offers practical applications for industrial industries.

The unique design allows it to maneuver over a wide range of terrains but this doesn’t limit its functionality. Two arms on the machine allow it to perform tasks, such as moving freight, components or anything else a manufacturer may need. As of now, it’s still in the very early stages of development. Not officially unveiled, the Venture Capitalist, Steve Jurvetson recorded the video which was played at the event and put it on his YouTube channel.

Boston Dynamics’ isn’t known for its fast turnover on these advanced systems. Some of these projects can take up to a decade to develop before they’re ready for the open market, Alphabet, the owner of Boston Dynamics is looking to sell the company because of that reason. For now, no information has surfaced about any interest into purchasing Boston Dynamics from Alphabet but the new, efficient and practical ‘Handle’ robot may help attract some potential buyers.

It would be a shame to see all this work go to waste. The robots this innovative company is producing are cutting edge and could have some interesting and practical uses in the future. However, the development time is a serious issue the company continues to face. It’s not easy to engineer and manufacturer these complex machines and this leaves us questioning when or if the ‘Handle’ will make it to consumers.

Manufacturers are constantly looking for the next new thing that will give them an advantage over their competitors. The Handle may be one of those robotic systems that have the capabilities to increase efficiency and productivity when it comes to material handling. As with any new technology, the applications end up expanding once more manufacturers get their hands on it.

It will be exciting to see how and if Boston Dynamics’ robotic systems become a part of the industrial manufacturing industry. Check back on Manufacturing Talk Radio again soon to see how these robotic systems continue to advance. Below you can watch the video of the presentation, the preview of ‘Handle’ starts at 3:46.