Call For White Papers

Manufacturing Talk Radio is seeking original white papers and case studies to review as potential subject matter on its live radio broadcast.  Do you have a new product or new technology to talk about in one of the following areas?

  • The Internet of Things – how it data gathering within your manufacturing operations change how your products perform in the marketplace or machines perform within your manufacturing plant?
  • Stable, Sustainable Supply Chain – how will your company be upgrading, tweaking or redesigning your supply chain to meet the demands of tomorrow’s marketplace and consumer, and what is driving your company to make those changes?
  • Big Data – how will your company begin to implement Big Data management, from the shop floor semi-conductors and microprocessors in machines or equipment to the analysis of the volumes of data, including the collection, sifting and sorting of data, to the management and C-suite decisions based on the data analysis?
  • Manufacturing Technology – what technology upgrades will your company be making to compete in the tomorrow’s marketplace to stay ahead of the competition or introduce new products?
  • Is 3D printing in your future or a direct threat to your future.  How will the Industrial Internet of Things make you more efficient and competitive.
  • Product Technology – how are you inventing, changing or adapting your products for tomorrow’s marketplace and consumer demands.  Do you have a technology whose time has come?


White papers or case studies should be 500 to 1500 words, although longer papers up to 5000 words can be submitted.  Selected white papers and case studies will be published, with the author’s permission, at and/or become the subject of a live radio broadcast on Manufacturing Talk Radio.
Please email white papers or case studies to  Questions about submissions may also be sent to and will be answered as soon as possible.  Documents will not be returned.  White papers or case studies used as subject matter for the live broadcast or Manufacturing Talk Radio’s online library must be publishable as original, non-duplicated content at
White papers or case studies may be submitted at any time; there is no deadline for submissions, and use as radio show content will be determined in the sole discretion of Manufacturing Talk Radio.