SpaceX Plans for Record Year of New Launches


Last year, Elon Musk’s SpaceX set a new company record for orbital launches. Now, it’s looking to reach even higher targets with a proposed average rate of one launch per week.  During a meeting of a key NASA agency oversight committee this past Thursday, panel member Sandra Magnus revealed that the private company is targeting …

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Amid Rising Tensions, Congress Boosts Funding for Fighters and Ships 

Congress Boosts Funding

In an effort to send a strong message to both China and Russia, U.S. lawmakers are seeking to increase the production and purchases of key strategic aircraft and vessels according to the massive defense bill revealed this past Tuesday.  The fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, authorizes nearly $770 billion in national defense …

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Satellite Producer Xplore Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Redmond, WA

Satellite facility in Redmond, WA

As interest in commercial space ventures continues to grow, many space-focused companies are seeing a prime opportunity to expand. While the Covid-19 pandemic did cause delays in expansion plans, these companies are now able to begin moving on to their next stages for growth. One such company is Xplore, which has recently opened a new …

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Transportation Department to Provide Aid to Aviation Industry

The airline industry as a whole has been struggling ever since the pandemic began. Manufacturers and airlines alike saw a severe decrease in activity, which led to many of them spending large amounts of money and furloughing or laying off workers while making little profit in return. As such, the government has taken steps to …

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Trump to Raise Tariffs on European Aircraft Imports

More tariffs

Along with China, the United States has also been engaged in a trade standoff with Europe. While tensions have begun to ease with the Chinese, in Europe, there is still much to be covered. In an effort to see results, the Trump administration is continuing to apply some pressure of its own. This past weekend, …

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Boeing Posts First Annual Loss In Over 20 Years


For the first time in over two decades, Boeing has confirmed the aerospace giant lost $1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019 on the heels of a 37% loss in revenue. Boeing claims losses totaled $636 million in 2019. Two fatal crashes and the subsequent grounding of all of the company’s new 737 Max …

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SpaceX’s Latest Test Improves Commercial Spaceflight Progress

Dagon capsule

Not many people would consider destroying a rocket in mid-flight to be a success. Yet, for those at SpaceX, that’s exactly what they achieved this past Sunday. The test was another important step towards the company’s goal of achieving commercial passenger spaceflight. To conduct the test, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket along with an …

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United Technologies and Raytheon Announce Merger

In one of the largest corporate mergers this year, United Technologies and Raytheon have announced that they have agreed to what they called a “merger of equals”. In the announcement made this past Sunday, June 9th, both companies agreed to an all-stock deal that would give United Technologies shareholders a 57% ownership stake in the …

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China’s Biggest Airlines Demand Compensation From Boeing

737 max

Boeing is facing compensation claims from three of China’s biggest airlines, which have all grounded dozens of 737 Max jetliners since the Ethiopian Airlines crash that led to the death of all 157 passengers back in March. Air China, China Eastern, and China Southern, which are all controlled by the state, said Wednesday (5/22/19) that …

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Long-Time NASA Supplier Honored

ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS HERITAGE U.S. REP. LOU CORREA COMMEMORATES SANTA ANA-BASED MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER TO NASA’S SPACE SHUTTLE, INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION AND COMMERCIAL AVIATION INDUSTRY More than 60 years of business in OC’s manufacturing landscape, weathering bull and bear markets in vital domestic industries. Santa Ana, Calif. – U.S. Rep. Lou Correa toured the 70,000 …

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