Swedish Aircraft Manufacturer To Build New Factory In Indiana

Saab TX Trainer

Global defense and security company Saab has announced plans to build a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in West Lafayette, Indiana. The new plant will manufacture a substantial portion of the U.S. Air Force’s next-generation T-X jet trainer. “This is a historic moment for Saab,” said President & CEO of Saab, Håkan Buskhe. “After careful consideration, …

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Metals Fraud the Cause of $700 Million Rocket Failure

Metals test fraud

According to NASA officials, falsified certifications on thousands of aluminum parts is the root cause of the failure of a 2011 satellite launch. The faked test results and subsequent faulty parts provided to NASA resulted in not one but two failed satellite launches. Sapa Profiles Inc., located in Oregon, has admitted that employees faked test …

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Boeing Orders and Deliveries Have Fallen In Wake Of Fatal Crashes


Boeing has failed to gain any orders for its new 737 Max airliner in March as critics began slamming the plane for having two fatal crashes in a matter of five months. Deliveries of the 737 Max also fell from 26 in February to 11 in March. Although this number isn’t too surprising considering Boeing …

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Sikorsky Partners With CPI Aerostructures in New Assembly Deal


CPI Aerostructures announced a new partnership with Sikorsky worth nearly $1 million. While the specifics of the deal are still unavailable, what is known is that CPI Aerostructures will manufacture structural interior components for one of Sikorsky’s helicopters. CPI Aerostructures, which is located in Edgewood, New York, was founded in 1980 by a 25-year veteran …

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SpaceX Will Build Their New Rocket Out Of Stainless Steel


Not since the Atlas program in the late ’50s has a spacecraft been designed to use stainless steel as a major component, but SpaceX is going to do exactly that. Why would anyone use steel when more exotic, seemingly more space-worthy metals or composite materials are so readily available? The engineers working on the project …

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Boeing Sets Guinness Record for the most-produced commercial jet aircraft

737 Max 8

An official for Guinness World Records, Michael Empric confirmed that Boeing had set a world record in the aerospace sector for manufacturing the largest number of commercially used jet airplanes of a particular model after Boeing announced that it had completed the production of the 10,000th 737 model aircraft in March 2018. The Guinness official …

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Air Force One Negotiations Continue: Cost Still a Concern

Negotiations surrounding the new multibillion-dollar contract for two new Air Force One airplanes took a step forward last week. President Trump met with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg at the White House on Tuesday, February 20th to help the stagnant negotiations between the Air Force and aerospace manufacturer progress. Back in 2016, now President Trump took …

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These Amazing Robots Revolutionize The Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Sector

Robotics continue to offer industrial sectors amazing capabilities and have the potential to dramatically increase efficiency. Invert Robotics, a New Zealand based robotics company, is ready to put one of their innovative robotics to use to help improve aviation safety while also creating a more efficient Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) sector. These remote-controlled robots …

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High Hopes For Boeing's Latest Drone

The future continues to look bright for drone technology and recent breakthroughs point to a more noticeable impact on the modern manufacturing industry. Boeing recently unveiled a massive drone, capable of hauling 500 pounds into the air. Named “unmanned electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) cargo vehicle (CAV) prototype,” that mouthful of a name may be reaching into …

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Lockheed Martin: On The Quest For A Quiet Supersonic Jet

Supersonic passenger jets are soon to be flying above our heads once again thanks to NASA and Lockheed Martin’s work on Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) X-Plane. This jet is currently seeing its first wind tunnel tests at NASA’s Glenn Research center in Cleveland. Lockheed was chosen last March by NASA to build a manned demonstrator …

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