Over 100 CEOs Urge U.S. Congress to Pass China Competition Bill

China Competition Bill

This past Wednesday, chief executives from companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft called on Congress to pass legislation aimed at boosting U.S. economic competitiveness against China, including chip manufacturing. Over 100 executives signed a letter urging the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, which each have passed different versions of the legislation, to reach an …

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U.S. Investigates Chinese Companies Over Export Sanction Issues

China Sanctions

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on Tuesday that the Biden administration is actively considering adding new Chinese companies to the government’s economic blacklist as it investigates what it calls efforts by China to evade U.S. sanctions. The Commerce Department’s Entity List is used to restrict access to U.S. exports. Raimondo told reporters that the …

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Asia Outlook: President Xi Seeks Stability Amid Slowdowns, Tensions, And Turmoil

Asia Outlook

The following article appears in this month’s issue of Manufacturing Outlook Digital Magazine. For a limited time, we’re offering Manufacturing Talk Radio listeners a FREE subscription. Visit Manufacturingoutlook.com to subscribe today! by Christine Casati CHINA’S BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE Amidst the developing turmoil in Kazakhstan, new rail links in Southeast Asia, and the growing global impact …

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Chinese Manufacturing Rebounds as Power Shortages Decrease

Chinese Manufacturing

In recent months, nations around the globe have been struggling due to supply chain constraints. China in particular was in the middle of a serious energy shortage, which had drastic results on their productivity. Now, new reports seem to indicate the world’s largest manufacturer is starting to rebound.  According to industry group Capital Economics, China’s …

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Dell CEO Says Chinese Investments Pose “Real Danger” to U.S. Industry 

China Competition Bill

As things remain tense between China and the U.S., the Biden administration has announced this week they would maintain a hard-line economic approach towards the nation by enforcing Trump-era tariffs and targeting Chinese subsidies for private industry. This comes months after the Senate passed a $250 billion spending package meant to counter Chinese investments in …

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Chinese Factory Production Slows Amid Energy Crisis

Chinese Factory Production

Amid coal shortages and new energy usage goals, factories in China have been forced to limit or completely halt production to comply with energy use limits.  A new report shows just how these hurdles have impacted the nation’s overall production capabilities.  On Thursday, a new report showed that Chinese factory production contracted in September for …

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Trump Aluminum Tariffs Revived U.S. Industry, Says Think Tank

Aluminum tariffs

During his presidency, many critics of President Trump raised concerns over the string of tariffs raised as part of his economic policy. Key among them was the 10% increase of aluminum, which went into effect in March of 2018 and still are in place under President Biden. Now, a new report from a leading think …

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China to Offer Nearly 700 Tariffs Exemptions Amid Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak which has been spreading through China has sent ripples in the global economy. This outbreak has also occurred amidst the ongoing trade war between China and the United States. Now, the Chinese government is looking to find some relief. This past Tuesday, the country announced that it would allow importers to apply …

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Copper Prices Continue to Drop Due to Virus Concerns

Copper Prices Falling

The price of copper has continued to dip in response to the recent coronavirus outbreak. The resource, which is used by economists as a measure of overall global economic health, has seen it’s price dip by around 13% since mid-January. For 13 days straight, the prices have continued to fall to a low not seen …

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EU’s New Trade Commissioner Aims To “Reset” With U.S.

EU Trade Reset

As trade negotiations between the United States and China continue, the European Union is also seeking to hash out their own trade disputes with the Trump administration. The new Trade Commissioner for the European Union, Phil Hogan, hopes that his efforts can potentially lead to a “reset” after nearly three years of continuing tariffs. The …

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