Additive Manufacturing’s Endless Potential

additive manufacturing 3d printed house

3D printing technology has been the cause of much excitement throughout the manufacturing industry. As the technology matures and more materials become readily available, the applications of additive manufacturing continue to add up. From full scale 3D printing production lines, to 3D printing components for NASA’s space shuttle, more manufacturers are looking to additive manufacturing …

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Choosing The Best ERP Software For Your Manufacturing Operation

ERP software

More manufacturers are turning to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to help streamline day to day operations and create an overall more efficient business. There are so many different ERP software options out there, like Net-Inspect solutions, and choosing the best one can be a challenge. Manufacturing Business Technology recently interviewed Forrest Burn, a researcher …

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The Power Of The Manufacturing Apprenticeship

Manufacturing Apprenticeship

Concerns surrounding the manufacturing skills gap continue to grow. Manufacturers are having an incredibly hard time finding qualified applicants to fill the growing number of new positions that are becoming available. Depending on which report you read, there could be anywhere between 2 and 3 million new manufacturing job openings to fill within the next …

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UK Getting Smart About The IoT

Internet of Things

The U.S. government has started an initiative that includes innovation hubs dedicated to advance the advanced manufacturing industry, while also making new manufacturing technology more readily available to businesses of all sizes. These government programs are a great relief to an industry that has become increasingly dependent on these new technologies in order stay competitive. …

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TPP Gaining Momentum

TPP trans-pacific

Business groups begin to endorse President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership giving it the momentum it needs to potentially pass through Congress. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the TPP, is a trade pact that will link 12 nations along the Pacific Rim that makes up 40% of the world economy. The TPP will remove tariffs and other regulatory …

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NASA Continues To Make The World A Better Place

NASA Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project

NASA has developed some of the most incredible technology the world has ever seen since their inception in 1958. Many of their achievements trickle down into the hands of consumers. The world of space exploration calls for the most advanced technology known to man, and it is NASA’s job to develop, test, and use, all …

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The Industrial Internet of Things and Manufacturers In 2016

IIOT Industrial intenet of things manufacturing

There was a lot of hype surrounding smart manufacturing and the introduction of the Industrial Internet of Things at the beginning of 2015. As the year progressed, it became apparent that the technology was available, but the cost of installing and creating a smart facility and supply chain was out of reach for many small …

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The Energy Conscious Manufacturer

energy conscious

When it comes to saving money, many manufacturers might not be looking in all of the right places. Some might opt to lay off employees, others might look for new, untested, affordable suppliers, but so few look at one of the most expensive parts of running a manufacturing operation, their energy bill. Energy is often …

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Innovation Hubs For Advanced Manufacturing

innovation hubs advanced manufacturing

Manufacturing has become more dependent on advanced digital technology to produce products and components than ever before. Customers can be more connected to the manufacturing process and manufacturers have new lines of communication to keep the entire supply chain informed throughout the entire manufacturing process. All of this technology has come together to create incredibly …

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Automakers rev up innovation in the Bay Area

In the future, your car will anticipate your every need, from where you’re heading to what you’d like to listen to along the way — and, of course, drive itself. That’s the vision automakers are test-driving in Silicon Valley, which has emerged as ground zero in the race to reimagine the automobile. Car companies ranging …

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