Solar Roadways: Are They Really A Practical Solution?

Solar Roadway

Renewable energy and green concepts continue to make headlines around the world. Manufacturers are working vigorously to become more sustainable and politicians and regulations continue to incentivise the development of new green technology. The United States has made a strong effort to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions but there’s more work to be done. …

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Faraday Future Unveils The FF91: Met With Technical Issues

Faraday Future

Faraday Future launched in 2014 and was known for their low profile. Finally they reveal to the world their first self-driving electric car, the FF91. Claiming to be faster than the Tesla Model S, zero to 60mph in 2.39 seconds, the automotive world waited with baited breath.   The Chinese-backed automotive startup is focused on …

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The Floating Solar Farm

We spoke recently about the new concept of floating wind farms far off the coast ( so we thought it was only right to investigate a new system that will allow for building large solar installations off shore. Engineers at the Vienna University of Technology are developing the Heliofloat, a new flotation system that would …

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New Avenues For The Energy Conscious Manufacturer

window energy solar technology

Manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their energy costs while still being able to conduct business as usual. The manufacturing industry is incredibly dependent on energy in all of its forms to process their raw materials and create their end-use products for the customer. Businesses spend a huge portion of their budget …

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Creating The Roads of The Future

The thought of a vehicle being able to drive without ever having to stop to refuel may sound like a fantasy, but this innovative infrastructure concept could make it a reality. A number of companies are working on a way to wirelessly charge electric vehicles or EVs as they drive down a road, vastly increasing …

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Nano-Manufacturing Creating Stronger Metals

powder coated metals

A Seattle-based startup, Modumetal is commercializing a new process that will increase the strength of steel and other metals by as much as 10 times, while also making them more resistant to corrosion. The process makes use of nano-laminate layers that coat the metal to achieve these impressive results. This is a slightly different way …

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Sustainability Starts With The Supply Chain

manufacturing sustainability lean

Manufacturers have been investing an incredible amount of time, energy and money into new sustainable technology and business practices in recent years. The hopes of cutting energy costs, and the ability to increase profit margins, are extremely attractive to businesses of all kinds. However, many fear the initial investment could up-end their entire business. But …

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The Hybrid Commercial Aircraft

co2 emissions airplane

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. Many of the talks center around industrial emissions, sustainable energy technology and electric road vehicles’ to help curb emissions output. However, NASA is looking toward the sky to help minimize the emissions caused by planes, and they are making progress. …

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Could The Oil Industry Benefit By Investing In Solar?


Solar energy continues to catch on with the public, and its popularity is soaring. Jobs in the solar industry are up 20% in the past 5 years, bringing the total number employed in the solar field up to 209,000. In 2015 alone, there were 35,000 jobs added. This industry is booming and it could not …

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