U.S., Japan Strike Deal to Roll Back Trump-Era Steel Tariffs

Steel Tariffs

Earlier this week, The Biden administration announced that it had reached a deal with the Japanese government to partly lift tariffs that the Trump administration had imposed on Japanese steel. The agreement will scale back levies that had impacted both the Japanese government and American manufacturers that use imported metal. The deal, which was initially …

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Trump to Raise Tariffs on European Aircraft Imports

More tariffs

Along with China, the United States has also been engaged in a trade standoff with Europe. While tensions have begun to ease with the Chinese, in Europe, there is still much to be covered. In an effort to see results, the Trump administration is continuing to apply some pressure of its own. This past weekend, …

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China to Offer Nearly 700 Tariffs Exemptions Amid Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak which has been spreading through China has sent ripples in the global economy. This outbreak has also occurred amidst the ongoing trade war between China and the United States. Now, the Chinese government is looking to find some relief. This past Tuesday, the country announced that it would allow importers to apply …

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U.S. And China Ease Trade War with New Pact

Tariffs on hold for now

In an effort to help ease tensions in the ongoing trade war, the United States and China recently announced a new trade pact agreement this past week. President Trump announced at the signing event in Washington that the pact would have a “transformative” impact on the American economy. The new agreement has China committing to …

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