Huawei Gets Approval to Buy Auto Chips, Sparking Backlash

Huawei microchips

As semiconductors remain in short supply, many nations have begun limiting the amount they export while also looking for ways to boost their own domestic output. In an interesting turn of events, the U.S. has recently approved a new set of chip licenses for a company that was under heavy scrutiny months ago.  On Wednesday, …

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Intel Warns That Chip Shortages May Continue into Q3

Chip shortage

Shortages of semiconductors have plagued tech companies and auto manufactures for months, with many wondering when things will turn around. Intel is now warning that companies should expect to see more of the same in Q3. During the company’s recent Q2 conference call with analysts and investors, Intel’s chief financial officer George Davies said that …

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Top Semiconductor Manufacturer Eyes U.S., Japan for Expansion 


Demand for semiconductors continues to remain at record-high levels. As a result, many semiconductor manufacturers are considering new avenues of expansion in order to better meet the need for chips. One major producer has their sights set on two countries in particular: Japan and the United States.  On Thursday, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co signaled its …

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How Is Digital Manufacturing Improving Supply Chain Resilience?

Manufacturing Outlook

by Emily Newton The following article is the cover story in this month’s issue of Manufacturing Outlook eZine, published by Jacket Media Co. For a limited time, you can subscribe to Manufacturing Outlook for free. Visit to read the latest issue and subscribe. Recent events have thrown the general supply chain into a state …

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Semiconductor Shortages Sees Systemic Scarcity

The following article is the cover story in the April issue of Manufacturing Outlook. Click here to read the entire April issue, and for a limited time, subscribe to Manufacturing Outlook FREE! There’s a chip shortage, a global shortage, the kind of chips often known as semiconductors, electronic components of varying sizes and shapes and …

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U.S. Now Facing Lithium-Ion Battery Shortage as EV Production Ramps Up

The current semiconductor shortage has severely impacted many American industries, especially the automotive industry. Manufacturers have had to slow down or completely halt production in order to maintain enough semiconductors in reserve. Now, experts think that a new shortage may be on the horizon regarding lithium-ion batteries. While Tesla has dominated the electric vehicle space …

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New Survey Shows Manufacturing Workers Support Digital Shift

The rising presence of digital software in the economy has led to a difficult issue for manufacturers. On the one hand, the use of new technology and programs can allow for them to maximize efficiency and increase productivity. At the same time, it also raises concerns over the potential unhappiness of their traditional workforce due …

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Auto Manufacturers Extend Production Cuts Due to Chip Shortages

The microchip shortage has been making a noticeable impact on the auto manufacturing industry. As a result of the shortages, companies have had to reduce or even temporarily halt production in order to maintain an adequate number of chips. On Wednesday, GM announced that they would be extending some of their cuts for North American …

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Manufacturing and Construction: The HoloLens Revolutionizes The Future

The HoloLens by Microsoft is now making its way into industrial sectors. From construction to manufacturing, businesses are now finding ways as to how this technology can benefit them. Engineers at the University of Cambridge are working vigorously to test its potential for construction engineers. Using mixed reality technology, they are studying its usefulness to …

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