Episode 5: Why Does The ISM PMI Matter?

ISM’s Brad Holcomb returns to show to discuss the Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Report on Business.

As purchasing and supply professionals become more sophisticated with their approach to supply chains, it becomes imperative that they understand the value of economic data, and particularly the tools provided by ISM’s Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Business Survey Committees, the groups in charge of providing the data results for the monthly reports. The Manufacturing ISM
Report On Business ® continues to provide an important measure by which to gauge the U.S. economy. It’s the oldest of the two reports produced by the ISM Business Survey Committees. The Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business®, developed in 1998, is the most recent. Over the years, the ISM Report On Business® has served ISM members, government leaders, economists and the financial community as the source of several leading economic indicators. Today, many different organizations are using the Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business® as a key source in assessing the U.S. and global economies.



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