Episode 334: Manufacturing Matters – Creating An Effective Business Development Strategy

Today’s Episode

In this episode of ‘Manufacturing Matters’, Francois Gau, award-winning executive and consultant, discusses the challenges that manufacturing companies face in creating an effective business development strategy in this era of technological, geopolitical and demographic disruption. Francois paints a compelling picture of present-day manufacturing company management by responding to questions about changes in the customer-facing team and about the politics of the C-suite. The interview concludes with comments on business development success as well as common reasons for failure.

Today’s Guest

An experienced senior executive leader, Francois has delivered results in enterprise strategy development, marketing & growth strategies, and operations management. Speaking to someone in the industry who knows all too well the importance of strategy development could give business owners a better understanding of how this can be applied to their company. It is never to late to create a successful business.

He has two decades of experience in leadership roles guiding sales & operations strategy for companies as large as $20 Billion. Through performance management and team leadership, he was able to drive 3-fold revenue growth in his division.

As a consultant, working with clients, Francois helps develop and execute business growth strategies; designs marketing and sales blueprints; coaches and mentors key executives and emerging talent; drives innovation with product management & engineering, and facilitates team-building and engagement workshops.

Francois is an award-winning executive & consultant, receiving recognition in the form of awards for superior results in strategy, technology, customer service, talent development, and organizational excellence.

Francois is certified in ISBM Green Belt for Growth, Competitive Strategy from the Kellogg University, and Six Sigma/Lean.

Francois holds a master’s in business administration from the University of Phoenix, AZ and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Institut de Formation a la Gestion of Toulouse, France. He was also a student of the University of Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France in mathematics and physics.

Francois is native of France, and fluent in 3 languages. He is active in his community and has assisted his local United Way in raising $1,000,000. He lives in the Pittsburgh, PA area with his family.

Francois Gau is a Partner with velocityHUB. He consults for growth, trains to elevate performance and provides coaching to engineer leadership at some of the leading companies in industrials and B2B. VelocityHUB helps companies, individuals, and communities grow to reach their maximum potential and achieve their dreams.

Francois has an extensive background in industrials, manufacturing and aerospace. Prior to joining velocityHUB, Francois was a senior executive at Kennametal, a multibillion dollar supplier of tooling and materials in industrial and infrastructure markets. Francois was responsible for leading the Aerospace and Power Generation verticals, collaborating with regional and global business units and sales teams to increase penetration into key accounts such as Alcoa, PCC, General Electric, Boeing, Airbus and more, achieving 20% in account revenue growth.

Prior to that, Francois led the strategic marketing, new business development and merger and acquisition strategy for the company, successfully acquiring companies in aerospace, transportation, mining, construction, energy and general engineering markets. Through his work at Kennametal, the company increased revenue, led new product development, developed new value for clients, increased performance of business development teams, delivered training, and drove efficiency with new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms.

Prior to Kennametal, Francois served as a Director of Marketing & Strategy at Honeywell Aerospace, a $15-billion supplier of aircraft systems and services. At Honeywell, Francois developed strategies for growth, customer service, and joint ventures. During his tenure, he co-developed new business models for the services divisions (MRO) and launched several patented new offerings.