Episode 684: Unbreakable Glass From Diamonds

Adam Khan, CEO and Founder of AKhan Semiconductor (www.akhansemi.com) discusses growing diamonds for ‘diamond age’ glass applications from unbreakable cell phone glass to thru-the-cockpit canopy sensors.

Episode 683: Cliff Notes on the Global Manufacturing Picture for June

Cliff Notes

U.S. Manufacturing Is Holding Up, But Stormclouds Are Forming The June episode of Cliff Notes On The Global Manufacturing Picture takes a closer look at how the manufacturing industry is responding to rapidly rising interest rates and the looming threat of a global recession. Don’t miss this data-driven look into global manufacturing’s future.

Episode 682: Is The Air Coming Out Of The Expansion?

Norbert Ore, senior correspondent for Manufacturing Talk Radio discusses the latest Global Survey Insights on the 18 PMI reports from advanced economies around the world. There appears to be a softening in the expansion as if the air is slowly leaking out of the balloon. Listen in to find out why.

Sn. 4, #10 Nora Casanova: Mentorship, Representation, and Construction

Welcome to another installment of the Hazard Girls Podcast! Today on the show we get together with Nora Casanova, the Logistics Manager at Karsten Interior Services, a commercial construction subcontractor in Houston, Texas. Nora has three degrees to her name, including International Business, Supply Chain Management, and Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas, and is …

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Episode 681: The Flagship Reports Launches its Officer of the Watch Podcast

Dr, Chris Kuehl, Managing Partner at Armada Corporate Intelligence, launches The Flagship Reports, an Officer of the Watch briefing on aspects of the general economy, coupled with information from the Armada Strategic Intelligence System (ASIS) for manufacturing. ASIS provides 95% accuracy about conditions in durable goods and where that sector is headed near term. Both …

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#205 Psychological Safety, Vulnerability and Inclusivity with Jean Angus

Welcome to a brand new episode of Women And Manufacturing. Joining us in conversation today is Jean Angus, President & CEO of Saint-Gobain Life Sciences, a global organization that designs, produces, and distributes fluid management components and systems to industries like biopharma, medical, food and bev, personal care, and chemical. Hear all about her journey …

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