Episode 584: Manufacturing Partnerships… Making Waves Episode 9

All Things Supply Chain and ISO Implementation  Join John W. Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP, and Aaron Ramsey, Senior Services Manager, Perdue University MEP, discuss the supply chain and all its intricacies as well as ISO implementation and what the future holds for the MEP National Network.  

#170 Oil and Gas in Uganda with Benita Bageire

Today’s guest is from a country that many people probably know little about. Uganda, situated on the African continent, was one of Africa’s first countries to have a female vice president, is one of only a few countries in the world which has a ministry dedicated solely to women’s issues, and as recently as 2006, …

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#169 Step Ahead in Garment Manufacturing with Gabrielle Ferrara

Manufacturing garments for the likes of Ralph Lauren to the United States Coast Guard, our guest today is also the recipient of the Step Ahead Award from The Manufacturing Institute. Today we welcome to the show, Gabrielle Ferrara. Gabrielle is the Chief Operating Officer at Ferrara Manufacturing, a family-owned and operated, American garment manufacturer company …

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Episode 583: The Art of Pulsed Electro-Chemical Machining

Daniel Herrington, CEO of Voxel Innovations, explains the unique nuances and applications of rapid PECM – Pulsed Electro-Chemical Machining in high tech industries for production runs of specialized parts, as well as potential future applications.

Sn. 3, #5 Allison Jencson: The Power of Tradeswomen Supporting Tradeswomen

As many of you may know, we were recently at the National Association of Women in Construction Annual Conference (NAWIC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. While we were there, we got to meet so many interesting women, working on all kinds of innovative and exciting things in construction, but one of our favorite presentations was the …

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