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#133 Chloe Songer Debuts a New Kind of Sneaker Made from Sustainable Materials

WAM 133

Meet Chloe Songer, founder of Thousand Fell – more than just a manufacturer of foot wear, but a leader in the movement to build a circular economy. Motivated by the enormous waste in the fashion industry and a desire to make a difference, Chloe took it upon herself to learn everything she could about the production process. She was introduced to manufacturing working for the Alexander Wang Group in China and later moved to Gap where she got an education in supply chain.

Chloe’s experience in China empowered her vision to build her own brand utilizing sustainable materials. Currently, 2.4 billion pairs of sneakers are sold in the U.S. every year and 300 million pairs go straight to a landfill within their first year. Today, the fashion industry is the poster child for change with entrepreneurs like Chloe leading the way to make better products, eliminate waste, and create a safer environment.

For Chloe – she gets to practice the best advice she ever got — “to be the person who brings people together.” Hear more about Chloe’s journey on the WAM Podcast.


Chloe Songer

Meet Our Guest, Chloe Songer

Chloe Songer is the co-founder of Thousand Fell. She is focused on sustainability, championing the circular economy and ending textile waste – beginning with sneakers.

Chloe is a leading voice within the sustainable footwear movement, reinforcing the importance of fiber recapture and regeneration through closed loop systems, and categorizing sneakers as ‘high frequency basics’ whose first user is often the last.

Chloe’s previous experience spans Vogue, Alexander Wang Group, and Gap Inc. both across Gap’s Retail Management Program and Women’s Global Merchandising. Chloe was a Princeton in Asia Fellow in Wuhan,CN and holds a BA in Economics and Chinese Language from Duke University. She is currently building the engine to power the circular economy at Thousand Fell, the first circular recyclable sneaker at scale in the market. This innovation brings together over two years of R&D across material development production techniques, supply chain mapping, and design for recycling. Through Thousand Fell, Chloe is pioneering circular innovation at an accessible price point and is focused on removing shame and exclusivity from the sustainable movement.

Currently, 2.4 billion pairs of shoes are sold in the US every year and 300 million pairs go straight to landfill within their first year, with 95% of all footwear eventually ending up in landfill. Textile waste is inextricably linked to environmental justice and the future. Chloe sees for both the retail and sneaker industry is one that is responsible for this waste. She and the team at Thousand Fell are leading the way to a future where both brands and consumers operate within a system where there is value in waste

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