#21 Working Women and Hazard Girls with Emily Soloby

On today’s episode of Full Time with Amy Nicklaus, we are joined by Emily Soloby. Some listeners will be familiar with Emily from listening to her on the WAM podcast — these listeners know that they’re in for a treat. Emily and I first discuss her story before she provides us with juicy details on her new breakout podcast, Hazard Girls — a show about women working in nontraditional roles. From being an attorney to becoming the co-owner of a truck driving school, Emily and I explore her career path and how she’s used her positions to advocate for women’s rights, every step of the way. After recognizing a gap in the market, Emily tells us about how she founded her latest venture, Juno Jones. This shoe company makes highly practical safety boots for women. More than a stylish shoe company, Juno Jones brings women together from all stages of their career, giving them an online platform for discussion and to develop educational events and outreach programs. Tune in to listen to Emily’s journey, an inspiring example of entrepreneurship and workplace advocacy.


Amy Nicklaus

Amy Nicklaus is the founder and creative mind behind Nicklaus Marketing & PR, a full-service marketing and public relations agency located in Randolph, New Jersey. Her extensive experience spans across advertising, sales, marketing, and consulting in companies of all sizes, including CBS, Clear Channel, and Beasley Broadcasting. Amy’s experience, curiosity, and passion for her work have set her apart in her field as she provides businesses with the resources needed to achieve their full potential.

Amy and her husband have two little girls and two boys (yellow labradors). She believes in working hard and being the best example she can be in business and in life for her girls.

In addition to being a host on The WAM Podcast, Amy has branched off and started her own podcast, Full Time With Amy Nicklaus, which is also a Jacket Media Co. podcast. Amy and her guests provide some honest insight into the hectic world of working women. To learn more, visit fulltimewithamy.com.


Emily Soloby

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