Achieving Balance While Working On Your Goals

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This week, on Full-Time with Amy Nicklaus, we welcome Elizabeth Barry. With many successes of her own and her more than 20-year career, Elizabeth is now a coach and consultant for some of the most successful entrepreneurs, as well as C-suite level businessmen and women. Amy and Elizabeth dive into some secrets of success, along with the importance of balance and communication. Amy and Elizabeth have a great time discussing “balance,” what that means and how you can still have it while working on achieving your goals.


Amy Nicklaus

Amy Nicklaus is the founder and creative mind behind Nicklaus Marketing & PR, a full-service marketing and public relations agency located in Randolph, New Jersey. Her extensive experience spans across advertising, sales, marketing, and consulting in companies of all sizes, including CBS, Clear Channel, and Beasley Broadcasting. Amy’s experience, curiosity, and passion for her work have set her apart in her field as she provides businesses with the resources needed to achieve their full potential.

Amy and her husband have two little girls and two boys (yellow labradors). She believes in working hard and being the best example she can be in business and in life for her girls.

In addition to being a host on The WAM Podcast, Amy has branched off and started her own podcast, Full Time With Amy Nicklaus, which is also a Jacket Media Co. podcast. Amy and her guests provide some honest insight into the hectic world of working women. To learn more, visit


Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth Barry holds a marketing and communication degree and has spent 15 years running a 6-figure strategic marketing and branding agency as a consultant to founders and CEOs looking to launch and refresh their brands.

Elizabeth’s mastered the art of corporate digital marketing projects selling over $2 million in the marketing business and continues to build large branding projects with partners.

Her entrepreneurial fire allows her to thrive as a consultant and business advisor to entrepreneurs and marketing agency owners looking for expert advice.

She was named the first Woman in Business in Hoboken in 2012, NJBiz 40 under 40 in Digital Marketing in 2016, and Branding Woman of the year for Leading Women Entrepreneurs in 2018.

Her accolades continue as she creates, markets and hosts TEDxHoboken women. as well as coaches the speakers for the stage. She’s curated over 17 TEDx events and is a thought-leader on the global ideas worth spreading platform.

Elizabeth’s Own Your Vulnerability, is available on Amazon and iTunes and she will have a new book, The Kind Communicator, coming out in December of 2018.

She’s the perfect coach for your mindful inquisition as a high-level professional. Connect and follow Elizabeth on LinkedIn as she publishes videos and articles. Join her BeyondEgo Group on Facebook as well as listen to her NEW BeyondEgo podcast coming January 2019. She’s also on Instagram.

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