Hazard Girls:
Women in Non-Traditional Fields

Host Emily Soloby, founder of Juno Jones Safety Shoes, interviews women who have successfully broken barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields. These dynamic women share their stories and advice for the next generation. Emily's goal with this podcast series is to show listeners that there are many ways to be successful - and being successful often requires hard work, community, and creativity, even when faced with adversity.


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Sn. 2, #21 Anne Pfleger and Kristey Stewart: Supporting the Growing Influence of Women in the Construction Industry

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In today’s episode of Hazard Girls, we are visited by two impressive guests from the National Association of Women in Construction, Anne Pfleger and Kristey Stewart. We open today’s episode with a conversation about how Kristey and Anne entered the world of construction and the ‘aha moments’ that sparked their passion for empowering women in the field. Next, we dive into a bit about the work that NAWIC does across the globe and which careers NAWIC is able to provide support for. We talk about two ventures that NAWIC has rolled out, Punchzee and Block Kids, and Anne unpacks why she uses the term ‘male populated’ rather than ‘male dominated’ to describe the construction industry. Kristey tells us how she works with students to help them learn about the diverse opportunities available in construction. As our episode draws to a close, we talk about the effect of the pandemic on women in construction and Anne and Kristey tell us how they are working together to advance a culture of inclusion within NAWIC and why it is a great time to be a woman in construction. Tune in for a hefty dose of hope for the future of women in construction from two people at the forefront of creating opportunity and empowerment for women in the field!


Emily Soloby

Emily received her BA in Women’s Studies and JD from Temple University. Early on, she worked as a legal advocate for women in domestic violence cases. After practicing law, Emily began working on the business side of things. She is the co-owner of AAA School of Trucking, a truck and heavy equipment safety training firm, which she has spent the last 10 years growing into a thriving national business through government and military contracting and corporate partnerships.

As an executive in the transportation industry, darting from client meeting to trucking range required safety boots that met her style standards, and when she couldn’t find them anywhere, she created Juno Jones Shoes. Emily trained in shoemaking in Cuernavaca, Mexico and at the Brooklyn Shoe Space, and assembled a powerhouse team of designers, consultants, and industry experts to bring Juno Jones to life. Through Juno Jones Shoes, Emily is fulfilling her dream of not only providing women with safe, stylish footwear options for their jobs but of helping to normalize and empower women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

For more information go to junojonesshoes.com.


Anne Pfleger and Kristey Stewart

Anne Pfleger 

Anne Pfleger, CIT has been working in the construction and transportation industries for over 25 years. Currently working the estimating, safety, HR, and IT departments for Charles Construction Services in Findlay, OH and Na-tional President of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) she strives to continually enhance women’s success in the construction industry.

Many would be content with serving local communities through NAWIC chapter events and helping their chapter progress forward. For Anne it ignited an internal purpose and passion, to not only improve personally, but to support and guide other women in the construction industry to do the same.

In addition, Anne volunteers countless hours reaching out to potential members and employers encouraging them to support women in construction. She has engaged parallel organizations seeking ways to be of mutual benefit to one another.

Her aspirations and belief in NAWIC’s mission have carried her to Regional Director and to the National Board as an inspiring voice for all. She embraces NAWIC values by living them daily, and in doing so, empowers, elevates, and challenges others to do the same.

In her spare time, she enjoys camping at her happy place which is a 34’ ft Gulfstream Sedona located in the country about an hour from home. She also enjoy reading and cross-stitching. Her favorite color is purple, and she is a fan of Tigger, dragonflies, and Vin Diesel


Kristey Stewart

Kristey Stewart has been involved in the A/E/C industry for more than 25 years.

She is an active member of NAWIC currently serving as National Secretary and National Chair for the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee and a member of the Durham Chapter. She served as NAWIC Regional Director of the South Atlantic Region in 2017-2019. Her NAWIC career started in 2001 where she has continued to maintain a leadership/mentoring role. NAWIC continues to play a pivotal role in the progression of my professional career.

Over 20 years she shares a passion for advocating, mentoring, supporting and educating women in and out of the construction industry. She has deep community roots within the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area with connections to SMPS Research Triangle Chapter, Apprenticeship Durham 2.0, Durham General Contractors Association, Durham Public Schools Career and Technical Education Advisory Board Member and former Durham Workforce Development Board Member.

With over 25 years of experience working in the male-dominated construction industry, she stands out. Building strong connections with other female leaders in an effort to lift each other up. Women need to be advocates for other women. Her current role is in Operations & Project Management with a Woman Owed General Contracting Firm located in downtown Durham where she manages Special Projects and assist the President and project teams in the day to day operations of the company.

Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, Kristey’s favorite things about her hometown is visiting with her family and friends and enjoying the fresh, gulf coast seafood. In her time away from BridgePoint she is typically volunteering with NAWIC, in her spare time, you can find her at the lake with her family, watching true crime mysteries (while wearing her favorite glow-in-the-dark socks), or cheering on her favorite team during college football season. To make better time of her schedule and sharpen her technology skills, she recently downloaded the Teams app.

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