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#171 The Foundations of a Strong Family Business with Bridget Jaeger


Today we get to have an amazing conversation with the Chief Operating Officer of CH Technologies, Bridget Jaeger! The company is dedicated to equipping its clients with a responsive source for cutting-edge inhalation and particle exposure systems, which can be custom-tailored to specific needs. In our chat today, we hear from Bridget about the work that the company has been occupied with since the advent of the pandemic, how COVID-19 has impacted their market, some thoughts on masks and air filtration, and a lot more about their specific products! Bridget also sheds some light on the ins and out of the company, touching on its foundation as a family-run business, and how she likes to keep this ethos alive as COO. She talks about the legacy of her father’s leadership style and emphasis on giving and also shares her reflections on how her mother’s attitude influenced her mentality as a woman in a male-dominated space. So for all this and more from a wonderful guest, listen in!

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Rosemary Coates

Ms. Coates is the Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute and the President of Blue Silk Consulting, a Global Supply Chain consulting firm. She is a best-selling author of: 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China and 42 Rules for Superior Field Service and The Reshoring Guidebook. 

Ms. Coates lives in Silicon Valley and has worked with over 80 clients worldwide. She is also an Expert Witness for legal cases involving global supply chain matters.  She is passionate about Reshoring.


Bridget Jaeger

In this week’s WAM podcast episode, we are joined by experienced operations officer and President of CH Technologies (USA), Bridget Jaeger. Bringing nearly 17 years of experience with her, Bridget’s expertise spans environmental toxicology, account management, customer service, technical sales, and internal company development. Bridget received her B.S. in Education from Manhattan College.

In her new role as president, Bridget will hold much more responsibility than overseeing the company — she, alongside her sister are also taking over the family business. Since it was founded in 1994 by their father, Dr. Rudolph Jaeger, CH Technologies (USA) has a well-versed knowledge of Inhalation Toxicology and solutions for Environmental Monitoring. These capabilities equip clients with the most responsive and cutting-edge systems that are specifically tailored for their application. With her strong work ethic and skilled background, Bridget plans to propel the company in the same direction and beyond.

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