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Episode 480: Cliff Notes On The Global Manufacturing Picture for October 2020

On This Episode

In this pre-election episode of ‘Cliff Notes on the Global Manufacturing Picture’, host Cliff Waldman welcomes Joseph Mayans, Founder and Principal Economist of Advantage Economics. They discuss the many issues currently surrounding the U.S. manufacturing outlook. Joseph responds to questions about recent manufacturing data, the impact of a covid “second wave” and fiscal stimulus. He also discusses structural issues such as trade and productivity.


Cliff Waldman

Certified Business Economist and member of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). Go beyond the mainstream media headlines with Cliff Waldman throughout his series on Manufacturing Talk Radio where he focuses on forces that are catalyzing rapid structural changes in the companies and sectors that comprise the dynamic manufacturing industry.


Joseph Mayans

Joseph has spent the last 8 years working at the intersection of economics and public policy. As the founder and principal economist of Advantage Economics, he conducts in-depth macroeconomic research with a focus on labor market trends and monetary policy. Prior to his work as an economist, Joseph served as legislative staff in the U.S. Senate and specialized in small business, technology, and banking policy.

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