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Episode 549 – Manufacturing Partnerships…Making Waves Ep. 5: How the workforce shortage is affecting manufacturers and how MEPs can help

Join John Kennedy, CEO, NJMEP and Tony Demakis, President, Alliance Specialties & Laser Sales as they discuss the workforce shortage from the manufacturer’s point of view.


John Kennedy

John is first and foremost a ‘Jersey Boy’, as he has always been proud of his home State and what it actually brings to our country…including significant Manufacturing, Engineering, Science, and R&D capabilities. As an Engineer and NJ Business Owner, John was focused on (both) Engineering & Manufacturing and enjoyed success through working with many incredible individuals. From Coleman Equipment to Sandvik to Barnett Industries to The Multitech Group…all part of my Manufacturing evolution through the Material Handling, Power Plants, and DoD workloads.

When John came to NJMEP in 2012, he found a place where he could support a critical Industry that means all the difference to our independence as a Country, while keeping New Jersey in the forefront of technology. NJMEP is his ultimate ‘fit’ as a professional. John is a proud Eagle Scout and National Distinguished Eagle. NJ Manufacturing…it is our time again!


Tony Demakis

Tony Demakis is the President of Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales, a full-service plastic injection mold finishing and repair company located in Wauconda, IL. He hosts The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, which focuses its conversations on the stories of US-based manufacturers and their journeys to success.

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