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Episode 604: Manufacturing Partnerships… Making Waves Episode 10

On this episode of Manufacturing Partnerships… Making Waves, host John Kennedy welcomes Dyci Manns Sfregola, CSCP, Founder and Managing Director of New Gen Architects.


John Kennedy

John is first and foremost a ‘Jersey Boy’, as he has always been proud of his home State and what it actually brings to our country…including significant Manufacturing, Engineering, Science, and R&D capabilities. As an Engineer and NJ Business Owner, John was focused on (both) Engineering & Manufacturing and enjoyed success through working with many incredible individuals. From Coleman Equipment to Sandvik to Barnett Industries to The Multitech Group…all part of my Manufacturing evolution through the Material Handling, Power Plants, and DoD workloads.

When John came to NJMEP in 2012, he found a place where he could support a critical Industry that means all the difference to our independence as a Country, while keeping New Jersey in the forefront of technology. NJMEP is his ultimate ‘fit’ as a professional. John is a proud Eagle Scout and National Distinguished Eagle. NJ Manufacturing…it is our time again!


Dyci Manns Sfregola, CSCP

Founder, Product Specialist, Intern, Flight Attendant, Manager, Consultant, Analyst, Teacher, Editor, Speaker, Account Executive, Writer, Student, Mom — This is a somewhat comprehensive list of the titles I’ve held in the last ten or so years, but the most important: Problem Solver. Supply Chain Management requires a constant ability to find (or create when necessary) creative solutions to new and old problems. It sits at the intersection of technology and engineering, arts and creativity, people management and leadership — which made it the perfect career choice for someone who loves people, is multilingual, passionately curious, and can work their way around various coding platforms; someone like me.

Supply Chain Management is broad and I have found my “calling” in process improvement as it relates to S&OP and inventory management, change management and user adoption of digital tools, and collaboration across the value chain. I also have direct experience in logistics (transportation and warehousing) and demand planning. I hold a certification as a Certified Supply Chain Professional from APICS, of which I am a member. I am also a certified Anaplan model builder and trainer and a member of CSCMP.

I am the Founder and Managing Director of New Gen Architects and I am also a member of the VCARE Academy Education Research and Practitioner Board. I hold a BA in Spanish from the University of Georgia where I was named a UGA Amazing Student and recognized by BET’s Black Girls Rock as a M.A.D. Girl (Making A Difference) for my work in global development and education. I also studied Industrial Engineering at Kennesaw State University and hold a Master’s in Engineering Management from KSU. 

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