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Episode 673: Jimmy Anklesaria, J. Shipman Gold Medal Award Winner on Manufacturing Talk Radio

ISM World 2022

On May 23rd, The Institute for Supply Management presented the J. Shipman Gold Medal award to Jimmy Anklesaria at the 2022 ISM World conference in Orlando, FL.  Mr. Anklesaria, F.C.A., LL.B., is the founder of Anklesaria Group, Inc.  Mr. Anklesaria joined Manufacturing Talk Radio hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady to discuss his experiences in the procurement and supply chain sector, and some of the immediate future challenges for purchasing.

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Lewis Weiss

Mr. Lewis Weiss is Host of Manufacturing Talk Radio and President of All Metals & Forge Group, the principal sponsor of the show. He has 60 years in the metals industry as a manufacturer of open die forgings and seamless rolled rings, running a business that sells forged products globally to OEMs, major manufacturers, mid-size first- and second-tier suppliers, and small metalworking companies. Lewis Weiss puts his experience in manufacturing to good use as an expert consultant on various TV and radio programs nationwide.

Tim Grady

Mr. Tim Grady is an Executive Producer and Co-host of Manufacturing Talk Radio. He brings more than 25 years of knowledge as a senior strategist and business advisor to companies of all sizes in more than thirty industries, advising them on revving up revenues, macro and micro marketing, strategic selling, organization optimization, website ergonomics, data mining, and other external or internal factors that can accelerate or impede business operations and net profit.


Jimmy Anklesaria

Jimmy Anklesaria is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and holds a law degree and an MBA. Since 1985, he has taught graduate and undergraduate level courses in Strategic Cost Management, Finance and Investments at the University of San Diego, where he has been named Outstanding Professor of the Year. He has also lectured in Strategic Cost Management at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago, Michigan State University, University of Southern California and Arizona State University. He currently teaches a graduate course in Supply Chain Management at the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego.

Mr. Anklesaria is the author of Supply Chain Cost Management: The AIM & DRIVE® Process for Achieving Extraordinary Results (AMACOM, 2007) and is co-author of Zero Base Pricing: Achieving World-Class Competitiveness Through Reduced All-In-Cost with David N. Burt and Warren E. Norquist. Mr. Anklesaria holds the international service mark for the AIM & DRIVE® process. He has published several articles and cases in leading purchasing and financial journals and texts in the United States and abroad.  One of the world’s most sought-after speakers on cost management, he has positively influenced the procurement transformation process at numerous Fortune 500 companies. He has a unique ability to provide practical solutions to complex business problems and has been the keynote speaker and workshop leader for a number of organizations and companies.

The J. Shipman Gold Medal Award is ISM’s most prestigious award, established in 1931 in honor of Johnson Shipman, a man known for his vision, intellect and influence on important issues. The award is presented to those individuals whose modest, unselfish, sincere and persistent efforts have aided the advancement of the supply management field.

Nominees are professionals who are acknowledged by their peers as role models, mentors and community leaders within the field, and who work diligently to continuously bring new ideas to the table. Their contributions have helped improve their organizations and the careers of other individuals in the field.

The J. Shipman Gold Medal Award was presented by ISM Chief Executive Officer, Tom Derry, and the J. Shipman Award Committee Chair, at the ISM World 2022 Annual Conference.

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