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#202 Taking the Reins in a Multicultural, Multigenerational Family Business with Filomena Malvone

Changing demographics are creating new roles and leadership opportunities for women in family businesses. However, there are numerous stereotypes, unconscious gender biases, and even family traditions that can present challenges for women stepping into these positions of leadership, particularly when taking the reins in a multicultural, multigenerational family business! This has been the experience for Filomena Malvone, the Owner and Manager of Jerry & Sal’s Pizza Restaurant in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and the author of What Would You Do If…, a situational book to promote problem-solving skills among young children. Today, Lydia Di Liello sits down with Filomena to discuss some of these challenges and find out how she overcame them with determination, hard work, and finesse, emphasizing the importance of building meaningful relationships along the way. We also touch on the value of speaking multiple languages, fostering a company culture that feels like family, and surrounding yourself with encouraging supporters, plus so much more, so make sure not to miss today’s show!


Lydia Di Liello

Capital Pricing Consultants increases clients’ profitability through strategy monetization, operational, and tactical solutions.

Lydia M Di Liello, CEO and founder (with more than 25 years of business leadership, supply chain and global pricing expertise) delivers exceptional results through Strategy, Process, and Technology. Leveraging a career at General Motors and b to b manufacturing in Supply Chain and Pricing management, client profitability typically increases from 15%-300% in as little as six months. Client engagements range from global Fortune 500 to smaller privately held firms.

Starting with strategic overview through actionable specific directives, clients achieve significant profit increases. Executing widely respected trademarked methodology including Discovery, Assessment, and Recommendations, D.A.R. Ô delivers a comprehensive roadmap for clients’ corporate strategic goals through operational impact achieving strategy realization.

Lydia is a well-know and widely respected speaker leading executive forums, conferences, and workshops worldwide; she is published frequently in trade and professional journals. With an MBA from Youngstown State University Di Liello is repeatedly requested at corporate retreats and is a member of the Professional Pricing Society Board of Advisors.

Recently published In Manufacturing Today June 2021 https://manufacturing-today.com/news/seamless-connections/

Di Liello was just named as the only pricing consultant with the prestigious 2020 PROS to KNOW award for the second year in a row from Supply and Demand Chain Executive on March 17, 2021

Company Philosophy: Success starts with open and clear communication through every step of the client engagement process. Valuing clients’ time and commitment, Capital Pricing Consultants are dedicated to efficiency and demonstrable efficacy. Di Liello cultivates long-term relationships built one successful project at a time.


Filomena Malvone

I was born 1971 in Brooklyn, New York. Both my mother and father were born in Naples, Italy. My mother moved to Argentina as a young girl but  later met and married my father in Brooklyn, New York. My father was involved in the restaurant industry. We moved to Hanover, Pennsylvania when I was a toddler and dad started a pizza shop, where I spent most of my time as a child. I attended Catholic school and went on to get my graphic design degree. Getting involved in the pizza shop was not my intention. I have been involved with the family business for about 22 years now. Dad passed away five years ago and now my brother and I are co-owners of the pizza shop, Jerry & Sal’s. We have been in business for 50 years and are a proud staple in our town. Working in the restaurant industry inspired me to write my book, “What Would You Do If “…. A problem solving guide for children. 


I have two children, Sofia , 19, and Massimo, 21.  I enjoy going to Italy every summer with my children, my fiancé, and my mother to visit family and friends. My morning meditation/prayers are a vital part of my day and going to CrossFit and having my weekly dinners with my two best friends are very important to me. 

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