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#59 Full Time: Thread’s Not Dead


This week on WAM’s edition of Full Time With Amy Nicklaus, Amy sits down with the President and Founder of Made Here New York, Karyn Villante, who shares her story about getting back into the clothing manufacturing industry after taking some time off and about the importance of localized sourcing and production.

Made Here In New York specializes in beautiful, cotton scarves, sweaters, and blankets, and all of the manufacturing is done right here on home soil! Karyn had a full-time career in design years ago before starting a family and taking a step away from work. She got back into the game after her daughter started receiving tons of compliments on the sweaters that she made for her. Looking at Made Here New York’s range, we should all be glad she did!


Amy Nicklaus

Amy Nicklaus is the founder and creative mind behind Nicklaus Marketing & PR, a full-service marketing and public relations agency located in Randolph, New Jersey. Her extensive experience spans across advertising, sales, marketing, and consulting in companies of all sizes, including CBS, Clear Channel, and Beasley Broadcasting. Amy’s experience, curiosity, and passion for her work have set her apart in her field as she provides businesses with the resources needed to achieve their full potential.

Amy and her husband have two little girls and two boys (yellow labradors). She believes in working hard and being the best example she can be in business and in life for her girls.

In addition to being a host on The WAM Podcast, Amy has branched off and started her own podcast, Full Time With Amy Nicklaus, which is also a Jacket Media Co. podcast. Amy and her guests provide some honest insight into the hectic world of working women. To learn more, visit fulltimewithamy.com.


Karyn Villante

Karyn Villante graduated FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) with an AAS in Fashion Design and a B.S. in Textile Production Management. She is the founder + CEO of MADE*HERE NEW YORK® and a total sparkplug. She is passionate about, sustainability, quality, American-made goods, and her family.

Founded on a love of design and a desire to bolster domestic manufacturing, MADE*HERE NEW YORK® proudly produces 100% cotton knit blankets, scarves, and sweaters in the New York Metropolitan area. Owner and designer, Karyn Villante, has carefully selected highly skilled factories, knitters, dye houses, and garment finishers, whose hard work is shown in the artisanal quality of the pieces produced.


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