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Manufacturing Talk Radio is a weekly Talk Radio Podcast broadcast to manufacturers of all sizes across the globe. Show host, Lew Weiss, and co-host, Tim Grady, present breaking manufacturing news and tackle business trends and economic forecasts in manufacturing for small, medium and large manufacturers across the globe.


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Episode 119: Interpersonal Communication Transformed

Kevin Strom, founder and CEO of GlobeChat, is with Manufacturing Talk Radio to discuss how his award-winning app GlobeChat is poised to completely transform interpersonal communication even when the sender and receiver can only text in their own native language. Through instant real-time text translation available in 41 languages, language barriers are broken as people and industry come together on Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops regardless of language or location. Listen and learn how it will transform your manufacturing enterprise, including your supply chain communications around the world. Imagine this: You write a message in English and send it to your contact in Russia – even though you do not speak or write in Russian. GlobeChat instantly, and accurately, translates your message into Russian. Your contact in Russia responds to your message in Russian, which is instantly, and accurately, translated into English. GlobeChat has been working with programmers, linguists and native speakers to ensure an accurate translation of text messages into the native language of recipients in real time. Find new suppliers. Find new customers. Listen to Kevin Strom on Manufacturing Talk Radio.


Lewis Weiss

Mr. Lewis Weiss is Host of Manufacturing Talk Radio and President of All Metals & Forge Group, the principal sponsor of the show. He has 60 years in the metals industry as a manufacturer of open die forgings and seamless rolled rings, running a business that sells forged products globally to OEMs, major manufacturers, mid-size first- and second-tier suppliers, and small metalworking companies. Lewis Weiss puts his experience in manufacturing to good use as an expert consultant on various TV and radio programs nationwide.

Tim Grady

Mr. Tim Grady is an Executive Producer and Co-host of Manufacturing Talk Radio. He brings more than 25 years of knowledge as a senior strategist and business advisor to companies of all sizes in more than thirty industries, advising them on revving up revenues, macro and micro marketing, strategic selling, organization optimization, website ergonomics, data mining, and other external or internal factors that can accelerate or impede business operations and net profit.


Kevin Strom