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#185 Your Guide to Decoding Silicon Valley with Michelle Lane Messina


Do you want to learn about Silicon Valley best practices for growing and scaling companies, the Valley’s unique vantage point for evaluating startups, and what rules can and should be broken in the course of building a global business? Well, this is the episode for you! Today, Rosemary Coates speaks with Michelle Lane Messina, CEO of Explora International, about the best practices of Silicon Valley and how you can apply them to your business. Michelle is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and workshop leader, a member of the Startup Chile Board, and the co-author of the bestselling book, Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide. Tuning in, you’ll discover how to create a valuable feedback loop with your market, find ways to collaborate, and ask the right questions to filter through the ‘happy talk’, plus so much more. Make sure not to miss this conversation for colorful stories, surprising anecdotes, and telling insights about what really happens in Silicon Valley!


Rosemary Coates

Ms. Coates is the Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute and the President of Blue Silk Consulting, a Global Supply Chain consulting firm. She is a best-selling author of: 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China and 42 Rules for Superior Field Service and The Reshoring Guidebook. 

Ms. Coates lives in Silicon Valley and has worked with over 80 clients worldwide. She is also an Expert Witness for legal cases involving global supply chain matters.  She is passionate about Reshoring.


Michelle Lane Messina

Michelle is a serial entrepreneur, international Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and co-author of the best-selling book, Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide. She became an entrepreneur at age 17 and sold that company within 2 years. Since then, she has worked in > 65 countries as a consultant, community builder, and trainer on startup scaling, corporate innovation and growth, strategy, entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley best practices, and resilience during tough times.

Michelle is a guest lecturer at ISM.lt University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania for the 2021-22 academic year. Her class is entitled, “Concept to Company.” She has spoken at conferences around the world on innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurial mindset, and failure & success. She has also been featured in international print media including Forbes Japan, Economist, Arab News, Agazeta and Grupo Abril in Brasil, The Korea Times, Estonian Public Broadcasting and broadcast media in Peru, Serbia, China, Mexico, and Tunisia.

Raised in Latin America and the US, Michelle is part of the Startup Chile board and a NASDAQ Author-in-Residence. She speaks English & Spanish fluently and her book is available in English, Vietnamese and Chinese.  More info:


Mobile: +1 408.981.4801


website: www.m2messina.com

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