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Episode 320: Manufacturing Matters – Oxford Economics Director of Global Industry Services Jeremy Leonard

On this episode of Manufacturing Matters, host Cliff Waldman welcomes Jeremy Leonard, Director of Global Industry Services at Oxford Industries to the show to discuss the relationship between R and D, innovation and productivity, the drivers of business investment spending in manufacturing, complementarity or substitutability of business investment and employment and structural technological shifts affecting manufacturing such as the Internet of Things.


Cliff Waldman

Certified Business Economist and member of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). Go beyond the mainstream media headlines with Cliff Waldman throughout his series on Manufacturing Talk Radio where he focuses on forces that are catalyzing rapid structural changes in the companies and sectors that comprise the dynamic manufacturing industry.


Jeremy Leonard

Jeremy Leonard is responsible for overseeing the work of the industry forecasting team and managing the operation and output of Oxford Economics’ 77-country, 100-sector Global Industry Model as well as related consultancy work. His specific areas of expertise include automotive/aerospace and industrial/electrical equipment.

Jeremy’s knowledge and past experience span a broad range, including competitiveness and offshoring/reshoring, commodity price modelling, and applied economic research on sectors ranging from biotech to heavy manufacturing to telecoms. In addition to numerous recurring bespoke sales and output forecasts for industries as diverse as machine tools and consumer packaging, recent consulting assignments have included the drivers of competitiveness in the chemical sector, forward-looking analyses of high-growth sectors across a range of emerging economies, and the ways in which digital technologies are transforming economic activity across manufacturing and service sectors.

Prior to joining Oxford Economics, Jeremy ran his own consulting firm based in Montreal, Canada providing a variety of economic analysis and forecasting services related to commodity prices, competitiveness, and the Canadian and US economic outlooks for the Washington, DC-based Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, as well as serving as economic research director for the Montreal-based Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Jeremy was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and McGill University, where he received his MA in Economics summa cum laude.

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