ExxonMobil’s Collaborative Initiative

Businesses from different industries are beginning to come together to solve problems that cannot be resolved on their own. This collaborative effort is bringing with it an entirely new wave of innovative solutions for every entity involved in the partnership. Some of these collaborative efforts are between seemingly unrelated businesses in vastly different industries, but still manage to produce incredible results.

ExxonMobil has been focusing on a collaborative effort for the past few years, but now they have partnered up with Lockheed Martin in hopes of developing Exxon’s new automation system.

Exxon is looking to improve their outdated automation systems for their refining and chemical facilities to keep pace with today’s fast-moving global market. Especially now since crude hit multi-year lows, an improved automation system can help boost operational efficiency and reduce capital spending.

ExxonMobil Research and Engineering (EMRE) has taken an interest in Lockheed Martin and invited them to assist in the early stages of developing their next-generation open and secure automation system for process industries. The aerospace and defense manufacturer will assist with advanced processing architecture.

“We continue to challenge ourselves by looking at existing processes and finding new and more innovative ways of working using both internal and external ideas,” said Vijay Swarup, EMRE’s vice president of R&D, in a statement. “This breakthrough initiative could help transform refining and chemical manufacturing through the use of high-speed computational components, modular software, open standards, and the use of autonomous tools.” (bit.ly/23hl2uB)

Lockheed Martin may not seem to be the obvious choice for Exxon, but their experience with this kind of open architecture and secure processing solutions makes them a prime pick. This is another testament to the power of collaborating with outside industries. An outside perspective can offer so much for any business willing to listen and work together.

Manufacturers are beginning to experiment with moving themselves into “collaboration hubs” to gain insight from different industries and other businesses that they are connected to through the supply chain. ‘Innovation Hubs For Advanced Manufacturing’https://mfgtalkradio.com/innovation-hubs-for-advanced-manufacturing/

“Lockheed Martin is a leader in providing open architecture and secure processing solutions for our customers,” said Paula Hartley, vice president of Advanced Product Solutions for Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training. “The advantages of our secure commercial processing experience combined with the expertise in applying open architecture standards provides a low risk solution for the ExxonMobil process control requirements.” (prn.to/1JlFF24) 

The new automated platform that is being developed can provide value for industrial manufacturers as well. The platform can implement intrinsic cyber-security protection that will adapt to whatever threat it will face. The automation platform will also adhere to industry standards, which will lower the cost of integrating new system components into machinery.

As seen in the new partnership between ExxonMobil and Lockheed Martin, collaborative efforts can produce amazing results. Better software, automation and manufacturing progresses are all possible by working together with outside industries. Each entity brings something different to the table which leads the way to innovative thinking and revolutionary new concepts. Especially when two industry giants like Exxon & Lockheed meet in the middle they will create an unstoppable wave of progress that will ripple out and have an impact on a plethora of other outside industries.




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