Episode 239: Find Out How MEP's Help Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers

Guest Jennifer Hagan-Dier, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Director at the University of Tennessee explains how MEP’s support manufacturers “from the  front door to the back door, the C-suite to the plant floor”. Host Lew Weiss gets all the details important to any manufacturer.

Jennifer Hagan-Dier
Guest Jennifer Hagan-Dier

Our Guest

Jennifer Hagan-Dier joined UT CIS as the Director of the Tennessee NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (TMEP) Program in 2013. With a statewide outreach network including nine Solutions Consultants and access to partners and resources with unrivaled business and technical expertise in manufacturing and economic development, no other organization in Tennessee is as capable of providing small and medium-sized manufacturers in Tennessee with the flexible, client-focused consultative services necessary to accelerate and strengthen their growth and competitive position in the global marketplace as TMEP.

In 2015, Hagan-Dier led the successful proposal for the TMEP Program in the first round of the national re-competition of the NIST MEP network resulting in a $3.6 million increase in federal funding and reorganization of the TMEP Program. In the past year, under Hagan-Dier’s leadership, TMEP developed two pilot projects generating over $1.9 million in additional funding for UT CIS and expanded service offerings to focus on workforce development and technology acceleration. Hagan-Dier has extensive experience in economic and community development and incentives, client and project management, business development, strategic planning, and outreach. As the Director of the TMEP Program, Hagan-Dier is responsible for constructing the vision of TMEP and ensuring its financial viability through strategic planning, implementation and partnership development.

Through her work on the UT CIS and TMEP leadership teams, Hagan-Dier works to promote the importance of the manufacturing sector and expand the awareness of UT CIS’s capabilities throughout Tennessee and across the country. Hagan-Dier also manages UT CIS’s connection to the NIST MEP national system and its nationwide network of industry resources. In this role, Hagan-Dier serves as a member of the NIST MEP Brand Council and a member of the Education and Workforce Working Groups for LIFT and MForesight.