Episode 327: From Factory Floor To White House Halls: Exclusive Interview with Thomas CEO and President, Tony Uphoff

An incredible revolution is underway for manufacturing. It is up to those within the industry to ensure that these changes, and the conflicts that can come with them, lead to the overall strengthening and expansion of manufacturing. Thomas CEO and President Tony Uphoff has recently taken the torch of manufacturing to the White House, where he held a roundtable with senior government officials and industry leaders to discuss 4 main points: the digital transformation of industrial sales, international trade trends, marketing and supply chain management, and the dynamics presented by today’s multi-generational workforce and its growing skills gap.

Manufacturing Talk Radio, part of Jacket Media Co., received an exclusive interview with Uphoff to further delve into the insights gained from this significant roundtable discussion. Lew Weiss, host of Manufacturing Talk Radio along with co-host, Tim Grady, look into the implications and direction that manufacturing is heading toward, from the factory floor to the halls of the White House.

According to Uphoff, “This was a great opportunity to share what our data shows on manufacturing and industrial trends with senior government leaders and to illuminate some of the key challenges our industry is working to overcome. These types of discussions go a long way toward shaping America’s perception of manufacturing. They provide real examples and identify what is being done by leading U.S. manufacturers to continue the growth in this sector.”