General Motors Invests $1 Billion to Bolster United States Manufacturing Industry

The incoming administration has been extremely outspoken about their commitment to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Manufacturers of all kinds are preparing by taking a proactive approach and investing in their US facilities. General Motors joins the growing list of American manufacturers working to bring more opportunity back within our borders. Announced on Tuesday, GM is posed to invest $1 billion in its American facilities which are responsible for 1,500 jobs.

GM is the nation’s largest automotive manufacturer and has already faced pressure from President-Elect Trump. Donald Trump is putting a particular emphasis on automotive facilities because he insists they will help lead to more manufacturing employment opportunities throughout the country.

Trump also made another comment that directly mentions General Motors. “I appreciate that from Ford. I appreciate it very much from Fiat Chrysler, – I hope that General Motors will be following, and I think they will be.” Trump said.

GM now plans to add 5,000 jobs over the next two to three years. These will all be salaried positions and will be focused on finance and engineering roles. Looking at the past four years, the company reports creating 25,000 jobs in the US which includes 19,000 professional, salaried positions and an additional 6,000 hourly manufacturing jobs. General Motors is making great strides to increase employment opportunities in the United States, but the skills gap may still be a concern.

Automotive manufacturers like Ford Motors, Fiat Chrysler and now General Motors are doing incredible things for US manufacturing. All have invested heavily into the American economy and job market. It will be exciting to see what the rest of this year brings. As more manufacturers begin to reshore their operations and a new administration with a renewed sense of responsibility focused toward the manufacturing industry, all eyes are focused on our country’s industrial sectors.

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