A Head Start on Machine Monitoring for 2018

How to get started & new features coming soon

La Mesa, CA – For years, bringing machine monitoring onto a shop floor was viewed as a daunting task. With Industry 4.0 and IIoT becoming critical components for keeping up with international competition, machine monitoring is a game changer for companies in the manufacturing industry.

Many are skeptical of the cost, the time it takes to get started, and what benefits they will see from taking it on. The best way for a company to get started with machine monitoring is to start with a few machines and slowly grow with the system. Cloud-based solutions with no contractual commitment, ease of implementation, as well as the elimination of servers, operating systems, database licenses, and proprietary hardware, can be obtained by selecting a vendor with this design and utilization process.

Other than the option of paying month to month for their Cloud-based services, Scytec’s DataXchange is appealing for the aspect of live notifications via text or email of machine issues such as fraud detection. These red flags of machine problems in advance help to reduce costly downtime. The software’s customizable dashboards allow for manufacturers to communicate with employees about productivity, provide KPIs and OEE data in real time, which helps with stand up production meetings.

Customers who have monitored machine utilization have stated up to a 25% increase in productivity. One such customer, Tech Manufacturing LLC in Missouri, has even been able to adapt lights-out manufacturing after implementing machine monitoring on their shop floor.

Machine monitoring is also appealing due to the flexibility in how it can be integrated with a variety of equipment. Other than CNC machines, DataXchange has been used by customers who have robots, injection molding machines, paint booths, grinders, lasers, water jets, and other fabrication machines.

Some updates to DataXchange include new OEE reports, integration with OPC UA protocol, and Caron Engineering Software. Among these new abilities will be multiple Parts Per Hour views, additional rotation interval options, and additional abilities with email notes via the data entry interface. These are just some of the features that DataXchange boasts.

Shop Floor Automations, the #1 reseller of DataXchange, is able to give demonstrations and webinars on the software for any interested customers. It is easier to get started with DataXchange than you think!

About SFA: Shop Floor Automations is the #1 reseller of DataXchange We are on social media on Twitter @SFA_inc, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram under our company name. Call for more info at (877) 611-5825 or Email info@shopfloorautomations.com

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