She never planned to work in the family manufacturing business let alone own it.

On this episode of Women And Manufacturing we follow the path of Stacia Hobson as she talks about how she went from a career in fitness to owning Image Industries, her families’ multi-million dollar manufacturing company. Stacia’s story covers all of the pitfalls and learning experiences of her rise through the ranks and how she overcame countless obstacles on her way to the top of an industry-leading manufacturing company. Listen to Host Nicole Wolter as she gets some great advice and compelling stories for anyone in manufacturing. Only on Women And Manufacturing.


Stacia Hobson
Stacia Hobson

Our Guest:

Stacia Hobson is co-owner of a multi-million dollar manufacturing business. She began her career in the family business upon graduating college. She was instrumental in the evolution of the business changing from 100% distributor to 100% manufacturer. Her plan was never to work for the business let alone own it. Not only does she understand what it takes to succeed as a woman in a male-dominated industry, but also in navigating the family drama. With 30 years under her belt, she has a breadth of knowledge of business, relationships and entrepreneurship. She is an award-winning speaker with aspirations of being a keynote speaker. Also as a certified life coach, she specializes in goal setting and goal attainment. She is passionate and proud to be in manufacturing as she feels it is the backbone of the USA. Other passions include promoting women in manufacturing, and of course, we cannot forget about her love for her dogs, Kismet and Gracie Lou and her horses, Bella & Razza.

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