Honda Joins U.S. Company to Produce EV Batteries

Japanese carmaker Honda has signed a joint development agreement with Boston-based EV battery company SES Holdings in order to develop new lithium-metal batteries for their electric vehicles. This joint development agreement with SES is part of the overall battery strategy of Honda.

Lithium-metal batteries could help Honda develop improved battery tech for its upcoming EVs as it pushes to expand its business globally. These batteries are expected to achieve a higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries, which are used in most battery-electric vehicles today.

The decision to partner with SES Holdings is key for Honda, as it is accelerating the electrification of its vehicles on a global basis. The Japanese carmaker has been looking for next-generation batteries, including the all-solid-state batteries Honda is developing independently. 

Shinji Aoyama, the Managing Executive Officer in Charge of Electrification for Honda Motor, said, “The battery is an essential component of EVs, and Honda has been concurrently looking into several options toward the realization of high-capacity, safe and low-cost next-generation batteries. Recognizing the advanced technologies of SES, Honda signed a joint development agreement with SES with the aim to establish a good relationship with SES and expeditiously generate substantial achievements through our joint research activities. Honda will continue to establish collaborative relationships with companies that have advanced technologies, as needed, to offer highly-competitive and attractive EVs to our customers”

Earlier this year, Honda announced that their Chinese subsidiary would be building a new factory in the country to produce EVs. Honda has already unveiled the E:Prototype SUV at the Shanghai Auto Show last year.

The company is also getting ready to launch the third-generation HR-V electric SUV. With both these models, Honda aims to make headway in a market where EV makers are jostling for supremacy.


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