Rosemary Coates

Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute and the President of Blue Silk Consulting
Host of the WAM Podcast

"Hosting The WAM Podcast has been a delightful experience. I get to chat with and explore the rich histories and careers of professional women who are truly making a difference in the industrial world. From Contract Manufacturers to Venture Capitalists to Software Executives to Policy Makers and others, it has been a whirlwind on fascinating stories and advice."

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Frances Brunelle

Founder of Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc.
Host of The WAM Podcast

"The WAM Podcast has been a real joy. It provides me with the opportunity to have conversations with the best and brightest women in manufacturing today and those who provide services to the industry. I’ve interviewed incredible women entrepreneurs who’ve started from nothing and built empires, as well as women who’ve taken over a previously male-run family business. Both have faced unique challenges and found ways to survive and thrive in their roles. Those servicing the manufacturing industry through wealth transition guidance or ERP systems have been equally fascinating to interview. I look forward to 2021 and bringing more interviews that both inspire and challenge."


Lydia Di Liello

Host of The WAM Podcast

"The opportunity to discuss the paths women on such an established and well-respected forum as The WAM Podcast, fulfills one of my major career goals.”

Soloby, Emily

Emily Soloby

Host of Hazard Girls Podcast

"As the founder of Juno Jones Shoes and the host of the Hazard Girls Podcast, I'm able to have meaningful conversations with women who are regularly smashing stereotypes in non-traditional fields. From STEM, to trades, to industry, these women truly inspire me and my listeners every day with their stories of determination, passion, and creativity."


Lew Weiss

Host of Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcast

"Manufacturing Talk Radio has been an integral part of the manufacturing news landscape for many years, and is a pillar in the industry. I'm honored to be on board as one of the leading hosts, bringing together an eclectic mix of guests from all over the globe. The podcast never fails to inspire me daily with its diverse topics and insightful commentary."

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Tim Grady

Co-Host of Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcast

"There are so many people I want to thank for all of the joy I've had on this show. It's been a pleasure to talk with so many talented and passionate members of the global manufacturing workforce, and it's been an honor working with people who are taking change by the horns and making things happen in their communities."


Cliff Waldman

Host of Series Manufacturing Matters on Manufacturing Talk Radio

"Being a host for the series Manufacturing Matters has been an incredible experience. I have learned from my guests as well as my own experiences, and this show constantly challenges me to expand on my knowledge of economics and manufacturing."