Episode 111: ISM’s Report on Business for February 2016, plus Apple vs the FBI

Manufacturing is 20% of U.S. GDP when measured from the top floor to the loading dock with a 4:1 multiplier effect in the overall economy, so where manufacturing goes, so goes the entire economy. Listen to Brad Holcomb, chair of the ISM’s Manufacturing Report on Business(R) explain the latest ISM report to get an insider’s view of where the economy is headed. Then stay with us as we discuss the potential ramifications of Apple vs the FBI with Adriana Sanford, Senior International Correspondent for Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Where will it lead us as the FBI looks for an encryption breaker, or weaker encryption, that could be hacked? Would releasing to China, the NSA, the CIA, other countries, other agencies and state and local law enforcement be next? If you think your privacy is at risk, you need to listen as Dr. Sanford discusses the international ramifications for personal privacy if the FBI prevails.