Japanese Semiconductor Company Completes Investment in Mesa, Arizona Facility 

This week, Fujifilm Electronic Materials USA, a unit of Japan’s Fujifilm Holdings Corp, completed the new $88 million expansion of its factory in Mesa, Arizona. The company, which supplies chemicals and advanced materials for the semiconductor industry, expects that the expansion will add 120 new jobs in the next two years. Currently, the facility employs 400 people. 

The recent expansion added 80,000 square feet to the facility, expanding its chemical-manufacturing capacity, warehousing, R&D, and other functions. This will increase the company’s capacity by 30%, with new positions in chemistry, engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, and maintenance becoming available by the end of 2024. 

The chemicals produced at the plant are vital for making, cleaning, and polishing semiconductor chips. Without them, the overall quality of chip production would severely decline. 

“These past two years have shown us just how vital semiconductor chips are to our daily lives,” said Brian O’Donnelly, president and CEO of Fujifilm Electronic Materials. “Our business is growing rapidly, and with this expansion, we are hiring talented and skilled employees that will help us support the evolving needs of the semiconductor and electronic materials market.”

According to the company, water conservation was a key focus of the expansion. “Instead of increasing the water usage that would have been required for the expansion, we installed air-cooled chillers and therefore are not using any additional water to cool the expansion than the amount of water we were previously using,” said Christine Jackman, a company spokeswoman.

Fujifilm has been operating in Arizona for over 25 years. Their Mesa facility is one of their four U.S. manufacturing and R&D sites, with the others being located in Texas, California, and Rhode Island.


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