Episode 234: Knowing How to Get Every Tax Credit You Can and Pay Less in Taxes

Listen Now – Michael Watkins is a financial advisor sharing his expertise in locating and recovering tax credits for manufacturers, including the Workers Opportunity Tax Credit, R&D tax credits, Tax Incentive Recovery, and others that are either overlooked or not seriously considered by manufacturers, even though the manufacturing industry has more tax credit incentives than any other industry in America. Listen as Lew Weiss and Tim Grady discuss where manufacturers are paying or have paid too much in taxes and could have more money in their bank accounts.

Michael Watkins

Our Guest

Michael Watkins is the owner of Tampa Bay Advisory, LLC located in Oldsmar Florida and he serves his clients in a fiduciary capacity. In order to better serve his clients Michael operates his practice as an “Independent Firm” which allows Michael to partner with the best of the best in the financial services industry.

Being an entrepreneur most of his adult life Michael has a real passion for helping other business owners avoid unknowing mistakes and he is very passionate about sharing his understanding of Tax Incentive Recovery with other business owners. Michael loves to work with manufacturing businesses simply because this industry receives more
incentives available to them than any other business hands down!

Michael says “I have the ability to help any company operating within the United States and in about 15 minutes I can determine if our services will benefit the business through a screen share questionnaire”.