Manufacturers Focus On Safety

When it comes to manufacturing, safety needs to be a top priority. A facility cannot be efficient and productive if their employees are left to work in dangerous conditions. One accident can have a lifelong impact on someone’s life as well as the entire company.

Not only are safe work environments lawful, they can improve employee morale which can lead to increased productivity and providing overall better service. An unsafe workplace also costs manufacturers billions in compensation and you can check out this accident at work advice guide to learn about the effects an injury can have on the employee. Workplace injuries and illnesses cost companies $60 billion each year but by instilling a culture that focuses on safety, a manufacturer can avoid these costly issues. This is why many employers are looking
at short courses (visit course provider) that might be able to help train their employees in health and safety regulations.

We will be discussing the role safety can play in creating a better workplace environment, how proper training and organization can help eliminate work related injuries and some areas to focus on when trying to create the safest work environment possible.

Employees are one of the best ways to spread the word about a company. However, they can also severely damage a company’s reputation if they don’t have anything to nice to say. If an employee notices that management pays no attention to their well-being, they take note. Especially if an employee is injured on the job due to negligence, they can be counted on to let all their friends and family know exactly how they got injured and who is to blame. This can have a monumental impact on the image of a brand. Social Media is of course always there to spread hate if their friends and family weren’t enough to get their word out. If you or anyone you know has suffered from a work construction injury, you could look into a company like Nehora Law Firm, who can help get you the compensation you deserve to assist with your injuries.

On the other hand, if an employee feels as though they are cared for or at least if they feel safe at their job, it cultivates an atmosphere that promotes positivity and appreciation. This employee is the one that will take to Social Media or any other forum to express their gratitude for the company they work for. Losing a skilled employee to a workplace injury is not what any manufacturer needs, especially now when skilled manufacturers are far and few between.

Simple ways to help increase the safety of a manufacturing facility would first be to focus on training. A simple orientation for new and existing employees to go over safety protocol will help bring attention to the potential dangers that lurk in any manufacturing facility. Any safety procedures need to also be followed through with outside the training section. If management doesn’t follow through, employees will begin to fall back into their unsafe routines.

An organized manufacturing facility is a safe facility. Tools that are not where they are supposed to be, boxes lying on the floor in high traffic areas and unclear safety labels should all be addressed to ensure the safety of every employee on the shop floor. Organizing the facility can be one of the simplest ways to keep injuries at a minimum. Not only will an organized shop be a safe place to work, it can also help increase the efficiency and productivity throughout the manufacturing process. This is a great way to begin a lean initiative while also creating a safe environment for employees.

One place a manufacturer can focus on besides the shop floor is the warehouse. Heavy boxes on top shelves or employees speeding around on forklifts present a serious safety hazard. Think about the ergonomics when storing inventory. If an employee needs to reach up high to get a box full on fasteners and that box weighs something like 100lbs, it is asking for an accident to happen. Even if a heavy box is on the floor, lifting incorrectly can cause serious back injuries. If there is room, think about separating components into multiple boxes or if no extra room is available, put the box on mid-level shelf for easy access. Also, clear labeling can help prevent any misjudgments when it comes to the weight of a box.

Forklifts are widely used throughout manufacturers warehouses. These hefty pieces of machinery are essential to the warehouse but can pose a serious threat to other employees. Always make sure you buy this kind of machinery from a reputable source, for example look at these excavators for sale from similar companies. Always enforce a strict speed limit for forklift operators. Even think about installing a speed restriction device on forklifts and any other heavy equipment to ensure operators are driving responsibly.

Maintenance is another dangerous activity a manufacturer must think about. When a technician needs to repair machinery it usually happens in close proximity to other essential equipment. If this equipment cannot be turned off, a maintenance technician needs to be aware of any and all dangers that could present themselves. There should be a plan on how the broken down machinery should be addressed, the workplace should be cleared of any non-essential personnel or equipment to give the technetium the most organized work-space possible and proper tools and equipment should be available. Repairing and maintaining heavy equipment is rarely routine work, but with a few simple steps a manufacturer can drastically increase the chances a maintenance technician will complete their task injury free.

Manufacturing is seen as a dangerous line of work but modern manufacturing facilities have taken note to address this concern. Still, safety can always be improved and by focusing on a few key areas a manufacturer can continue to improve their operations and keep their employees safe, healthy and happy. Since 1970 workplace fatalities have been cut in half and injuries and illnesses have dropped 40%, but the work is not over. Manufacturers can still improve and with new technology and businesses becoming more aware about the safety of their employees the industry will continue to improve the safety of the workplace.


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