Manufacturing Talk Radio: Top 10 Podcasts of 2016

The past year has been exciting for MFG Talk Radio and the entire manufacturing industry. New technologies paving the way toward more efficient and productive manufacturing operations. Furthermore, the economy and manufacturing industry has been riddled with surprises. From a new government administration to more user friendly digital tools, the industry leaders have been kept busy.

2017 has a lot in store for the modern manufacturer. It’s important to have a grasp on the developments that took place up until the new year. This is why it is so good to have podcasts to look back and see what news innovations happened when. If you would like to start your own podcast based on your business or manufacturing as a whole then go for it! Just look at services like Podcastpress to help make it sound more professional. A lot of people fear that if they start a podcast, it won’t receive any streams. If this sounds like you then don’t let this fear put you off – you can always Buy real spotify plays to increase your volume of streams. This will cause a snowball effect and before you know it you could have a very popular, regularly streamed podcast!

Take a look below at the Top 10 Manufacturing Talk Radio Podcasts from 2016:

S5-E18 Robotic Advancements Bring US Manufacturing Jobs Home

Despite misconceptions to the contrary, robotics are actually creating jobs and spurring manufacturing growth. Join us as Drew Greenblatt, CEO of steel fabricator Marlin Steel and Harry Moser, Founder and President of The Reshoring Initiative discuss how automation is helping manufacturers expand their production, save companies and return jobs to the United States. [Listen In]

S5-E19 Norbert Ore with info on 18 Purchasing Managers Index reports PLUS Vital Info for U.S. Importers & Exporters on Global Economic Performance & ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)

We open with Norbert Ore, Director and Head of Industry Surveys for Strategas Research Partners who returns to provide comparative commentary on 18 Purchasing Managers Index reports that are compiled worldwide. Find out how, and why, they’re performing as they are. Next, The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) with Celeste Catano, Sr. Global Strategist at Kewill and Amy Magnus, Director of Customs Affairs & Compliance at Deringer. The new program will have a dramatic impact on the way manufacturers export and import their goods. Find out everything you’ll need to know about this new platform and how/if it will affect your business. [Listen In]

Training That Works

The skills gap has spurred a revival of apprentice programs, a trend supported by help from Federal, state and local programs. Listen in to learn how enterprise and education are working together when Raymond Vacarri, Director of NJ Advanced Manufacturing Talent Network, Ian Trammell, Executive Director of MechaForce, Michael Marchetti, Manager of “Dream it Do it” and Joerg Klisch, VP Operations for MTU America, a product brand of Rolls-Royce Power Systems, join co-hosts Tim Grady and Lew Weiss to discuss how companies can custom-build a workforce prepared for the digital, dynamic, and diversified manufacturing industry. [Listen In]

S8-E6: 3 Ways to Look at Manufacturing Presented Today

Manufacturing Talk Radio discusses the ISM’s Manufacturing Report on Business® and the Non-Manufacturing Report on Business® with Anthony Nieves, committee chair with the ISM, followed by a review of November’s Credit Manager’s Index report with Chris Kuehl, Ph.D. and economist with Armada Corporate Intelligence. Show hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady present questions on variables that impact this vital industry segment and examine how 2017 looks now from what is happening within these leading reports. [Listen In]

S6-E20 Economic Forecast from The Manufacturers’ Alliance for Productivity and Innovation

Cliff Waldman, Director of Economic Studies at the Manufacturer’s Alliance for Productivity and Innovation Foundation is with us again to present MAPI’s latest economic forecast, plus important research on productivity in manufacturing. It promises to be an interesting discussion of GDP, global economic trends and indicators, and an in-depth look at why, and how, slowing productivity growth remains an escalating concern. A must listen for manufacturing executives across America. [Listen In]

National Association of Manufacturers – State of Manufacturing 2016 Tour Visits Philadelphia

Jay Timmons, President and CEO of The National Association of Manufacturers spoke at the Philadelphia stop on their State of Manufacturing 2016 Tour on Tuesday, February 2nd. The entire presentation can be seen here and a transcript of the speech can be found at the bottom of this page. After his speech Mr. Timmons sat down with Manufacturing Talk Radio’s own Lewis Weiss for a one-on-one interview on the State of Manufacturing. Scroll down for their interview and the transcript of Mr. Timmons’ insightful speech. [Listen In]

S7-E17: Two Mega-Member Chambers of Commerce Speak Up on Manufacturing Talk Radio

Hear from two leading Chambers of Commerce, the American Small Business Chamber of Commerce headed by Cris Young with over 200,000 members, and the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce led by Margot Dorfman with over 500,000 members, as they discuss the respective missions of their organizations as advocates of small businesses across the country, and women as employees, management and entrepreneurs. Learn about two reports issued by the USWCC bursting with information for women about their roles and challenges in today’s business world, and over a dozen upcoming events that women can tap into to improve their company’s position in business and industry. It’s a power-packed hour of pertinent podcast content. [Listen In]

S6-E16 ISM Announces eISM and 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars Discuss Supply Chain Challenges

The Institute for Supply Management’s Senior Vice President, M.L. Peck joins Manufacturing Talk Radio to announce eISM, the exciting eLearning Resource to enhance the ISM Mastery Model introduced just last year that allows supply chain professionals and rising stars to continue their lifelong learning. Then several of the 30-Under-30 rising supply chain stars talk about some day-to-day supply chain challenges and solutions. [Listen In]

S7-E19: MFG Talk Radio and NJMEP

NJMEP hosts MFG Day in Somerset, NJ…Manufacturing Talk Radio video interviews: Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno and eight others from New Jersey speak on MFG issues and solutions. Featuring John Kennedy, CEO of NJMEP, NJMEP’s Manufacturer of the Year Bob Krill of Cape May Brewery, Mary Ann Pacelli and Beth Colbert from NIST, Peter Okun, Director of Marketing for NJMEP and more! [Listen In]

S8-E8: 360-Degree Global Economic Reports

Manufacturing Talk Radio’s Senior International Correspondents and the NAM’s Chief Economist, Chad Moutray, discuss what is happening in manufacturing around the globe both above and below the equator. Overall, the shakiness of 2016 seems to be stabilizing as economic growth returns to most of the major country economies as we enter 2017. While there isn’t a wildly optimistic point of view going into 2017, the fence sitters have put at least one foot down on the side of growth. In addition, listen to the show to hear when the disparity between the U.S. dollar and other currencies will begin to dissipate and stimulate more exports. Overall, all signs point to favorable from the flatline readings throughout much of 2016. [Listen In]

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